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Parking and Transportation Services

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide maintenance for university vehicles; however, you are not limited to using our services. You may also use outside vendors.

The following services are available at Vehicle Management (State vehicles only):

Our Maintenance Services

Service Type Cost Per Hour
Preventative and General Maintenance $55
Lube $6
Mount Car Tires $6
Balance Car Tires $6
Mount Truck Tires (all sizes) $24
Tire Repair $12
Rotors $21
Drums $21 

Wrecker Calls

Local Calls: $60
Out-of-Area Calls: $50 + $1.80 per mile

Available Supplies

  • unleaded gasoline
  • diesel
  • motor oil
  • antifreeze
  • freon (R12 and 134A)
  • gear oil / hydraulic fluid
  • windshield washer fluid

Using an Outside Vendor

We are required to keep a maintenance history on each university vehicle.

When an outside vendor does any kind of maintenance on a university vehicle:

Call About Repairs


Parking and Transportation Services