Entrance to the Horseshoe with the gates closed on a beautiful day


begin here

Forever begins on South Carolina's historic Horseshoe. It's where the university started in 1801 and it's where you can start your campus tour today. Take a look around and picture yourself here.

study here

Here your worldview broadens. Your classroom is not bound by walls, and your learning is enhanced by insightful faculty, hands-on problem solving, groundbreaking research and global study opportunities. It's your time to discover what, and who, you want to be.

play here

There's no place like the Horseshoe. Nestled beneath ancient oaks, this is where you can unwind, rejuvenate or literally just hang out. It's a green oasis within a vibrant city where friendships are formed early and last a lifetime.

gather here

Like the crowds that assemble for special events, the bonds you form here continue to grow. Whether you join as student, sister or brother, classmate or mentor, you are always a member of the Carolina family.

graduate here

Commencement here is a joyous step. It’s your day to celebrate not only where you've been, but where you've yet to go.

return here

You may leave here for new experiences, but the memories draw you back. This is a place of new beginnings where you find joyful surprises, lifelong relationships and family ties that span the generations.

remember here

Remembering the days is more than just a line in the alma mater. The memories you make here connect you forever to this place and forever to one another.

to thee