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College of Pharmacy

Tray of COVID-19 Saliva Test Tubes

Diagnostic Genomics Lab

Community-based Testing

The Diagnostic Genomics Lab at the UofSC College of Pharmacy is pleased to offer cost-efficient COVID-19 testing services for community organizations in the Midlands region.

Request Testing Services

If you're interested in requesting testing services for your community organization, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there is not a charge for public higher education institutions in South Carolina; however, private institutions will be charged an "at cost" rate.

Each individual, presenting for testing, will be required to sign electronic consent documents provided by UofSC CoP-DGL:

  • Demographic information.
  • HIPAA Consent and Authorization.
  • Minor Consent (as required by the age of the individual being tested).
  • Disclosure Consent authorizing designated individuals/individuals to have access to test results for contact tracing, and symptom tracking, and as required by mandatory state reporting guidelines.

If the electronic consent form(s) listed above are not signed, the individual will not be tested.

The University's trained COVID-19 test collectors:

  • HIPAA Certified Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to house all personal health information (PHI)
  • HIPAA Compliant CLIA Laboratory for diagnostic testing and results
  • UofSC will transport all test samples securely to the College of Pharmacy Diagnostic Genomics Laboratory (CoP-DGL) for diagnostic testing.
  • UofSC will provide results within 24-48 hours after the samples are received by the CoP-DGL.
  • UofSC will provide secure notification of test results through our CoP-DGL LIMS system
  • UofSC will send all test results via secure FTP to DHEC, as required by the state of South Carolina.

 UofSC will provide instructions and a mobile device scannable QR code to the point of contact before the scheduled test date.

  • UofSC can also register testers same day, but we recommend preregistering to save time. (initial preregistration will be required for minor children by their parents/guardians)
  • Testers will only need to fill out demographic information and sign consent/authorization during the initial registration.
  • Repeat testing will require login credentialing only.
  • Once the tester is registered, they will have set up an account to review test results securely when available.

Once the tester has registered and created an account, and when results are available, an email will be sent to the tester's registered email address.

  • The tester will log in to the LIMS system using the provided unique link to the website in the email.
  • For minor children, the email will be sent to the parent/guardian of the registered individual. A Disclosure Consent Authorization must be signed by each individual to disclose test results to your organization's officials. 

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.


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