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School of Music

Minors in Music

Entrepreneurship Minor

As much a mindset as it is a business practice, entrepreneurship falls somewhere on the spectrum from career success to leadership. Entrepreneurial inclinations influence artistic, educational, professional and personal decisions, even when no finances are involved. It’s a type of problem solving. Entrepreneurship equals creativity and pro-activity.

Music Entrepreneurship Minor - 18 credits total

Introduction to Economics (ECON 224) 3 credits
Principles of Marketing (MKTG 350, Prerequisites: ECON 224) 3 credits
Entrepreneurship in Music (MUSC 580) 3 credits
Introduction to Music Economies (MUSC 582, Prerequisites: MUSC 580, ECON 224) 3 credits
Seminar in Music Entrepreneurship (MUSC 590, Prerequisites: MUSC 582, MKTG 350) 3 credits
Music Leadership Practicum (MUSC 591, Prerequisites: MUSC 590) 3 credits

Music majors may supplement their degree choice with a music entrepreneurship minor of 18 credits that assist students in capitalizing on the artistic, economic and social power of their music education and degree; assist students to envision their musical career as a means of generating value, and assist in creating successful, entrepreneurial decision makers.

Consultation with the Undergraduate Director in the School of Music is REQUIRED.

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