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Health and Safety Services offered a wide variety of training courses. From back safety to forklift operation, we can help equip you with the tools to stay safe while doing your job. 

Health and Safety Services Training

Health and Safety Services offers a variety of training opportunities. USC Health & Safety Personnel will teach all training, except for Bloodborne Pathogens. On-line training is also available.

To register for a class, contact Buddy Harley at See the below list for available training classes.

Annual Refresher OSHA Workplace Safety Training is required for all SOM faculty and staff. Topics covered include:

  • Asbestos Information is designed for anyone working in a building containing asbestos building materials, which have the possibility of being disturbed.  
  • Electrical Safety training is OSHA mandated for anyone working on electrical circuits greater than 50 volts.
  • Ergonomics - evaluation, questions or difficulties relating to computer workstations may be directed to Buddy Harley at 803-528-8191.
  • Hazard Communication training is OSHA mandated for all USC employees, except those working in laboratories (See Laboratory Safety).  This is required when employee is first hired.
  • Ladder Safety training is OSHA mandated for anyone using ladders on the job.
  • Lockout/Tagout training is OSHA mandated for workers conducting servicing and/or maintenance of machines and equipment.

Occupational and Environmental Safety Training

Back Safety is designed to teach correct lifting techniques to prevent injuries to the back when lifting equipment or materials.  USC employees who lift heavy objects as a part of their job should attend.

Biohazardous Spills is designed to train employees on the proper way to clean up blood and body fluids.  Any USC employee who might have to clean up biohazardous spills should attend.

Bloodborne Pathogens training is OSHA mandated for workers with potential exposure to blood or other body fluids.  Initial and annual training given at Employee/Student Health Services, Six Medical Park (434-2479)

Cold Stress is designed to help anyone working outdoors in extremely cold climates.

Confined Space Entry.  Employees will become familiar with the use of USC permits and procedures that must be followed during a confined space entry.  OSHA mandated for employees working in confined spaces.

Fall Protection training is OSHA mandated for employees working from elevated surfaces (greater than 6 feet).

Fire Extinguisher training is OSHA mandated for all USC employees.  Required annually.

Forklift Operation training is OSHA mandated for all operators of forklift trucks.
Heat Stress is designed to help participants prevent heat exhaustion, heatstroke and heat cramps while working in hot environments.

High Impact Maintenance training is designed to focus on safety issues that affect employees who work close to moving machinery, electricity and other hazards.  For all maintenance and renovation employees and users of power tools.

Laboratory Safety for Custodial and Maintenance Workers training is for maintenance and custodial staff working in buildings with laboratories.

Lead in Construction training is OSHA mandated for workers who disturb lead-containing building materials (including lead-based paint).

Noise and Hearing Conservation training is OSHA mandated for personnel exposed to noise in excess of an 8-hour time weighted average of 85 dB(A) It is required when first hired and annually thereafter.  

Personal Protection Equipment training is OSHA mandated for anyone using personal protection equipment (safety glasses, safety shoes, hardhats, etc.)

Respiratory Protection training is OSHA mandated for anyone required to use respirators on the job (except for disposable dust masks). 

Research Safety Training

Bloodborne Pathogens for Labs is designed for laboratory personnel conducting experiments involving human-derived materials, such as human blood, body fluids, unfixed tissues, cell lines or other potentially infectious materials that may contain bloodborne pathogens. Registration and scheduling information can be found on the EH&S website.

Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management training is for all generators of chemical waste. Registration and scheduling information can be found on the EH&S website.

Laboratory Safety training is OSHA mandated for anyone working in a laboratory. Registration and scheduling information can be found on the EH&S website.

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