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Recycling Services

The School of Medicine has an award-winning recycling program. You can even bring your recyclable items from home. 

Recycling Services

The University of South Carolina School of Medicine started a recycling program in 1995. In 1996, grant funding was acquired through the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling.

With enthusiastic support from the faculty, staff and students, the USC Recycling Program became known as MED-RECYCLE. The USC School of Medicine Recycling Program provides recycling services for the Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Campus and the Palmetto Richland Campus Buildings. The USC School of Medicine has the distinguished privilege to participate in the Carolina Recycling Association. In addition to the membership in the Carolina Recycling Association, The USC School of Medicine is also a member of the National Recycling Coalition and Collegiate Recyclers. Moreover, the USC School of Medicine Recycling Program was nominated for the "Best Small College or University Recycling Program" and Tony Johnson was nominated the "Recycler of the Year." 

For further information concerning USC School of Medicine's recycling program, please call  at 803-216-3150. 


How to recycle at the USC School of Medicine 

The USC School of Medicine Recycling program is built upon participation from faculty, staff and students.

All employees should receive one small desk side blue container. These containers are used to collect office paper for recycling. Each department should assign a designated area on their floor for recycling. Usually, the designated recycling area is located in the copier room, break room, or kitchen. In each designated recycling area, you should find a large big wheel container for office paper, a tote box for magazines, a container for aluminum cans and a container for soda bottles. Employees should empty their small desk side blue containers on a daily bases or as needed in the designated recycling area on their respective floors.

Toner Cartridges should be placed on the floor beside the big wheel container. All Cardboard for recycling should be marked "TRASH" or "RECYCLE" and placed neatly in the hallway outside your door for pickup. The departments' designated recycling areas will be serviced twice daily. All other items for recycling for should be placed in the proper container on your floor's designated recycling area. 

The University of South Carolina School of Medicine recycles the following items:

  • Aluminum Cans - All aluminum cans. PLEASE NO STEEL CANS
  • Plastic Bottles - Plastic containers with #1 (PET) or # 2 (HDPE) on the bottom or side of the bottle
  • Office Paper - White ledger, computer paper, colored office paper, ncr/carbonless forms, note pads, receipts, envelops, tickets/invoices, manila file folders, note book paper, blueprints, card stock, post-it-notes, etc.
  • Cardboard - All flattened cardboard except greasy pizza boxes
  • Newspaper - Please remove plastic bags any recycle all newspaper
  • Magazines - Please remove plastic covers and recycle all magazines
  • Tonor Cartridges - All Tonor Cartridges are not accepted. Do not include Tonor (ink) Tubs
  • Batteries - AA, AAA, D-Cell, Ni-Cad and Lithium ion batteries
  • Wood Pallets - Collected by our maintenance staff or recycling personnel and stored for market resale
  • Fluorescent Tubes - Collected by Facilities Management staff and recycled through main campus recycling waste stream
  • Copper - Collected by Facilities Management
  • Oil - Pump oil or motor oil.


Where is the USC School of Medicine Recycling Area? 

The School of Medicine recycling area is located beside the Building One loading dock. We will accept your aluminum Cans, plastic soda bottles, Newspaper and Magazines from home. Just drive up and discard your items in the proper recycling bin.


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