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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

  • African American college student working on the computer from home.

Remote Internship Program

Need some extra help during this time of uncertainty? Have a special project that needs attention, but you’re short on time? HRSM students are ready to help!

Hire a remote intern today

Think of this flexible internship opportunity as freelance, project-based work. Students can complete micro-internships by working remotely on a special short-term project, or complete a full 10–12 week internship.

With flexible hours, the amount of time students work can vary to meet the needs of your organization during this unusual time. HRSM students are trained in analytical reasoning, finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, policy examination, service management and strategic management for various business environments. HRSM student interns can help you meet your business goals by working remotely or in a combination of on-site and online environments.

Remote internship benefits

HRSM interns can:

  • Help you with focused support on priority projects while requiring no housing, office space or equipment costs for you.
  • Offer fresh and innovative ideas to bring to your projects. You'll have access to a large, diverse talent pool.
  • Work by a flexible timeline (typically 10 weeks, but can be customized).
  • Support your business needs in customer service, e-commerce, event planning, HR and talent management, inventory planning, market research, merchandise management and planning, business analysis, project management, recovery marketing planning, revenue management, sales, social media, ticketing and training and development.

Help students apply the critical skills and competencies they’ve learned in the classroom:

HRSM students are trained in critical thinking and problem solving, and you can put them to work exercising these skills. Our students have been taught to collaborate, work in teams, offer a professional and strong work ethic and excel in oral and written communication.

Employer requirements:

This internship program is part of our students’ degree curriculum. Here are a few requirements to ensure your internship opportunity qualifies for college credits.

  • Provide meaningful work to help a student learn your business practices.
  • Select a supervisor who will check in regularly with the intern(s) and be available to provide guidance and answers to questions.
  • Complete two short evaluations of your experience with our student(s).
  • Employers are encouraged to pay students for their time and talent whenever possible.

For more information about the College of HRSM remote internship program,
please contact Erica Lake at

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