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School of Visual Art and Design

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Bowers, Pam Senior Instructor / Studio Art, Painting 803-777-4236 Art Studio, painting School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Brandt, Lydia Professor / Art History 803-777-4160 art history, architectural history
Faculty Burgess, Lana Clinical Professor of Art History and Museum Studies Faculty Curator, McKissick Museum 803-777-5486 Curator, Art History, McKissick Museum, Museum Studies
Faculty Chametzky, Peter Professor / Art History 803-777-6677 art history
Faculty Chi, Catherine Senior Instructor / Media Arts, Studio Art 803-777-7047 media arts, studio art, graphic design
Faculty Collins, Bradford R. Professor of Art History 803-777-4190 art history, contemporary art, andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, manet, modern art
Faculty Davis, Northrop Professor / Media Arts 803-777-5215 media arts, northrop davis
Faculty Dedas, Brent Associate Professor / Studio Art Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-2362
Faculty Evans, Chaz Associate Professor / Media Arts
Faculty Falk, Naomi J. Assistant Professor / Studio Art 803-777-4237 studio art, sculpture, 3D studies, visual art and design
Faculty Felleman, Susan Professor / Art History + Film and Media Studies 803-777-8833 art history
Faculty Floyd, Minuette Professor / Art Education Art Education Program Coordinator 803-777-3895 art education
Faculty Graciano, Andrew Professor of Art History Interim Art History Program Coordinator 803-777-6631 art history, 18th century art, 19th century art, art and anatomy, art and medicine, portraiture
Faculty Gregory, George Senior Instructor / Studio Art 803-777-9992 studio art
Faculty Ha, Byeongwon Assistant Professor / Media Arts 803-777-5752 Media Arts, New Media, New Media Art
Staff Henderson, James Media Services Coordinator 803-777-1223
Faculty Hewitt, Mana Senior Instructor / Studio Art 803-777-7480 studio art
Staff Holley, Lyann Business Manager 803-777-6438 business manager, svad, business
Faculty House, Anna Swartwood Assistant Professor / Art History 803-777-4766 art history, renaissance art history, renaissance scholar
Faculty Hunter, Dawn Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2606 studio art School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Ivashkevich, Olga Associate Professor / Art Education 803-777-6223 art education School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Khalili, Meena Assistant Professor / Studio Art 803-777-4190 Studio Art, Design
Faculty Kissel, Laura Director Professor / Media Arts 803-777-4236 media arts, Laura Kissel, director, chair, department chair, department head, school of visual art and design
Faculty Kwon, Hyunji Assistant Professor / Art Education 803-777-9997
Staff Leonard, Daniel Shop Foreman 803-777-6461 School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Maur, Carleen Assistant Professor / Media Arts 803-777-3137 media arts School of Visual Art and Design
Faculty Meaney, Evan Professor / Media Arts Media Arts Program Coordinator 803-777-3841 Media Arts, New Media, Video Game Design
Faculty Minick, Blair Instructor / Art Education Student Teacher Supervisor 803-777-9992 art education
Faculty Nace, Stephanie Associate Professor / Studio Art Program Coordinator for Studio Art 803-777-5880 Studio Art, Graphic Design, BFA graphic design, designer, visual communications
Staff Peterson, Bailey Watts Graduate Student Services Coordinator and Coordinator of Community Programs Staff Senator, College of Arts and Sciences 803-777-4184 School of Visual Art and Design
Faculty Robbins, Kathleen Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2443 Studio Art, Photography School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Robinson, Mary Professor / Studio Art 803777-3500 Studio Art, Printmaking
Faculty Ryan, Maureen Research Assistant Professor / Media Arts, Film and Media Studies Associate Director, Humanities Collaborative
Faculty Schneckloth, Sara Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-3880 Illustration, Drawing, Art, Visual Art,
Faculty Scotchie, Virginia Professor / Studio Art 803-777-7077 Studio Art, Ceramics School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Steimer, Lauren Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies 803-777-6673 Film and Media Studies, FAMS
Faculty Tarr, Jen Senior Instructor / Media Arts 803-777-4211 Media Arts, Jen Tarr, Jennifer Tarr
Faculty Tarr, Simon Professor / Media Arts 803-576-7308 Media Arts, experimental filmmaker Faculty Principal, Rhodos Fellows
Faculty Valdes, Marius Professor / Studio Art Associate Director of SVAD 803-777-2514 Studio Art, Illustration, graphic design
Faculty Voros, David Professor / Studio Art 803-777-7189 Studio Art, Painting School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Wangwright, Amanda Associate Professor / Art History 803-777-4231 Art History, Asian Art History, Chinese Art, Modern Art
Staff Yukhno, Olga McMaster Gallery Manager 803-422-4289

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