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Department of Geography


Internship in Geography (GEOG 595)

The Department of Geography offers a 1- to 6-hour internship course that is available both to majors and non-majors in any semester.  Internships prepare students for the workplace and give students an opportunity to explore career options and to put their skills into practice.  A geography internship partially fulfills Professional and Civic Engagement requirements for USC’s Graduation with Leadership Distinction.  It can also serve as an elective course for the GEOINT Certificate Program. Students can arrange their own internships with businesses, government agencies, or non-profits, or they can inquire about internships with one of our community partners in the Columbia area.  Internships may vary in terms of skill requirements, and they may be paid or unpaid.


Interns are required to

  • complete 50 hours of work for each credit hour earned (approximately 10 hours per week for a 3-credit internship);
  • meet at least twice per semester with the internship coordinator and submit a mid-semester report;
  • submit a final report to the internship coordinator and the internship supervisor; and
  • be evaluated at the end of the semester by the internship supervisor (via the Intern Evaluation Form [pdf]).

Please be aware of the following:

  • Students must take the internship course for a grade. 
  • Geography majors can use this course to fulfill up to 3 hours of geography elective credit, but not the 500-level course requirement.
  • Non-geography majors should consult with their academic advisors to determine whether GEOG 595 can count toward their degree programs.

To apply

  • Notify the internship coordinator that you are interested in an internship.  This should happen as early as possible.
  • Explore internship options with the Geography Department’s community partners, or consult with the internship coordinator if you are interested in an internship with a group that is NOT a Geography Department partner.
  • Once you have found a suitable arrangement, complete an Internship Contract form for the internship supervisor in the sponsoring organization/agency. This contract will spell out specific duties, responsibilities, and expectations. Click the contract’s Submit Form button, and you will receive a confirmation message. Save this message as a PDF file and send it via (one) email to the internship coordinator, the chair of Department of Geography, and your advisor for their signatures.
  • Once you receive the signed form, take it to Flinn Hall (CA&S Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Advising; 803-777-2963 or 803-777-2505). The office will handle the dean’s signature for you. Make sure to ask the office to CLEAR THE HOLD for GEOG 595. Then you are ready to enroll for 1–6 credit hours.
  • Students should complete this entire process at least four weeks before the start of the semester in which the internship will take place.

Forms and Resources


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