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Student Affairs and Academic Support

May 27, 2022 Minutes


  • Kirsten Kennedy
  • Silvia Patricia Rios Husain
  • Alicia Bervine
  • Ray DeJesus
  • Shay Malone
  • Shanna Robinson
  • Zo Sediqi
  • Kaitlin Yoffie
  • Debbie Grabski


Review Report

Council reviewed draft of report, discussed recommendations, and identified items to work on this summer in preparation for the fall.


Develop Fall Action Plan

  • Groups will begin to work on the three areas of focus:
    1. Recruiting, training, developing, and retaining employees.
    2. Student employment and leadership opportunities.
    3. Employee and student participation in DEIA training.
  • At our next meeting, officers will choose which focus area work group they would like to be on.

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