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Office of the Provost


Faculty and staff are essential partners in making sure all students have equal access to academic success. The University of South Carolina is committed to digital accessibility for everyone. To support your students, utilize the resources below. If a student discloses they have a disability or you suspect they do, encourage them to register with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).

It is essential for courses to be designed with accessibility in mind.  You use a variety of document formats to present classroom materials.  Make your materials more accessible for your students by following simple guidelines.

Blackboard Ally (Alternative Formats) is a built-in tool in Blackboard that gauges the accessibility of course content.  Ally provides guidance and tips for improving content accessibility.  The tool also provides alternative formats (audio, Braille, ePub, HTML, etc.) of your course materials. 

·       Learn more about Blackboard Ally and how it works.

Sign language interpreters, closed captioning and transcripts are additional tools that students with disabilities may rely on to receive information clearly.

Please review the SDRC Test Proctoring FAQs page for more information regarding the current test proctoring accommodation procedures.  For students to be eligible to receive testing accommodations, they must be registered with SDRC first.

The Test Availability Exceptions option in Blackboard allows instructors to provide individual accommodations by making changes to test settings such as time allowed, dates available, and number of attempts for an individual student.

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