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Green Quad

Home to SEOE Students

Green Quad is the perfect place for our students in the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment to call home.

The SEOE Green Quad Experience

We've created a unique pathway for our students majoring in Marine Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences and Geophysics. From freshman year on, you will have access to resources within and beyond the classroom to help you get the most out of your major.

To get an idea of what's possible, here's an overview of all the ways that you can be involved throughout your four years.

Freshman Year Fall

  • Live in Green Quad with peers from your major
  • Take University 101 with other SEOE students
  • Join Students Engaged in Aquatic Sciences (SEAS) and Scuba Club
  • Attend Green Quad events and service opportunities
  • Apply to be an RM for the Green Quad Living Learning Community

Freshman Year Spring

  • Join Green Scholars Program and take the Sustainability Seminar
  • Attend Green Quad Leadership Retreat and events/service opportunities
  • Meet with advisors to land a summer internship or research opportunity
  • Apply for the Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program
  • Explore Iceland during our Maymester adventure

Sophomore and Junior Year

  • Be a member of the Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program
  • Attend Green Quad events and service opportunities; serve as a Peer Leader in Green Quad
  • Serve as a Resident Mentor (RM) for the SEOE floors in Green Quad
  • Serve as a Peer Leader for University 101 in Green Quad (Junior and/or Senior Year)
  • Research in a lab with faculty; Apply for Sustainable Magellan Grant for your research
  • Present your research at the  Sustainability Showcase and Discover USC
  • Apply for REU's (research opportunities) and scholarships
  • Serve as an officer for SEAS

Senior Year

  • Continue Sophomore and Junior Year experiences
  • Take University 401 in Green Quad to complete your Graduation with Leadership Distinction portfolio


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