University 101 Programs

Academic Skills and Strategies to Promote Success

ACE's academic success presentations offer University 101 classes a variety of academic success tips, study strategies, time management resources, and many other academic support related topics. These presentations are interactive, with several in-class activities, self-assessments, and practical learning skills. Instructors may choose from one of three presentations covering different academic success topics.

Presentation Outline

Learning Outcomes

The Academic Skils Presentation supports University 101 learning outcomes:

I. Foster Academic Success

a. Adapt and apply appropriate academic strategies to their courses and learning experiences

Each presentation has a wide variety of study strategies, handouts, and tips in order to improve their current study habits.

e. Identify and apply strategies to effectively manage time and priorities

In the time management presentation specifically, the ACE Coach uses active practice strategies and activities to help students learn better ways to manage time and priorities.

II. Help Students Discover and Connect With the University of South Carolina

a. Identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their educational experience, goals, and campus engagement

The ACE Coach will inform each student about campus resources such as the Student Success Center, to help them know where they can go to receive academic support on campus. 

As a result of attending this presentation students will:

  • Receive a wide variety of study strategies and tips in order to improve their current study habits
  • Learn about campus resources and know where to receive academic support on campus
  • Engage in active learning strategies in each ACE presentation

Presenter Training

An afternoon of the annual ACE Coach training is dedicated to facilitating presentations. Every ACE Coach will observe a fictional presentation and learn more about the details of each presentation. The Coaches will leave the training with a better understanding of each presentation and how to implement active learning strategies for all presentations. In addition, all First-Year Coaches will co-present with a Professional ACE Coach for their first presentation.