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Outstanding First-Year Advocate Recipients

Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award Recipients*
*known as Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award prior to 2011

2017John Grady, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management

2016 Asheley Schryer, Office of Undergraduate Research

2015 Elizabeth Norris, Undergraduate Student

2014 Sylvain Chabra, International Student Services

2013 Kenneth Frierson, TRIO Programs

2012 Sgt. Kenneth Adams, University Police Department

2011 Jan Smoak, Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs

2010 Jeannie Weingarth, Koger Center for the Performing Arts

2009 Nicholas Riley, Undergraduate Student

2008 Jennifer Jablonski, College of Music

2007 Brenna Kendrick, Undergraduate Student
Brandon Gates, Undergraduate Student

2006 Lee Bauknight, First-Year English
Althea Counts, TRIO Programs
Dennis Pruitt, Student Affairs

2005 Lt. D. Henry Garbade, University Police Department
Elizabeth Collins Smith, First-Year English

2004 Donald Greiner, Provost's Office, Undergraduate Affairs
Ruth Strickland, TRIO Programs

2003 Carolyn S. Jones, Business Administration
Gene Luna, University Housing

2002 Manasi Sinha, Undergraduate Student
Brooke Vickery, Undergraduate Student

2001 Mary Ann Byrnes, Liberal Arts

2000 Lucille P. Mould, French and Classics

1999 Harriett S. Williams, Applied Professional Sciences & English

1998 Viki Sox Fecas, Career Center

1997 James G. Burns, Transition Year

1996 Clifton R. Chestnut, Undergraduate Student

1995 Douglas F. Williams, Science and Math & Honors College

1994 Julye M. Johns, Undergraduate Student

1993 Denise Wellman, Financial Aid and Scholarships

1992 Kenneth E. Peters, Applied Professional Sciences & History

1991 Mary Ellen O'Leary, Mathematics