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M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching in University 101 Award Recipients at the 2017 Building Connections Conference

(from left to right) Lauren Sanborn, Steve Curtright, Alisa Liggett.

M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching in University 101 Criteria & Recipients

Award Criteria
Recipients of the University 101 Teaching Award are individuals who:
  • Help students achieve academic success, discover and connect with the University of South Carolina, and promote personal development, wellbeing, and social responsibility
  • Use interesting, interactive, and varied methods to facilitate student learning and achievement of course outcomes
  • Encourage and facilitate meaningful class discussions
  • Display enthusiasm for the course and students
  • Express care and concern for student success and wellbeing
  • Promote an inclusive, enjoyable, and welcoming environment and demonstrate respect for students
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students by being personable, approachable, and available both in and out of the classroom
  • Create an intentional and effective course design that reflects best practices and provide an appropriate balance of challenge and support
  • Demonstrate knowledge related to course content
  • Motivate and inspire others by their passion for learning and personal commitment to each student
  • Demonstrate a sustained commitment to professional growth as an instructor and to the University 101 program

Award Recipients

2017 – Steve Curtright

2016 - Alisa Liggett

2015 - Lauren Brown

2014 - David DeWeil

2013 - Viki Fecas

2012 - Kim Smoak

2011 - Andy Shaffer

2010 - Jeannie Weingarth