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Arnold School of Public Health

Meet Our Team



Christine Pellegrini, PhD

Dr. Pellegrini’s research focuses on the development and implementation of technology-supported behavioral interventions targeting diet, physical activity, sedentary behavior and weight loss.


Ellen Wingard, MSPH, RD, LD

Ellen is the Project Coordinator for the Technology Interventions to Improve Outcomes After Knee Replacement Study and the Healthy Living After Knee Replacement Study. Ellen obtained her BS degree in Food Science/Human Nutrition from Clemson University and is a Registered Dietition. She also obtained her MSPH from UofSC in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. Her background includes experience in clinical nutrition and research study coordination/intervention implementation.


Krystal H. Cooper, MHA

Krystal is the Project Coordinator for the Phone-Based Walk with Ease Program in Adults with Arthritis Study. Krystal obtained her BA degree in Experimental Psychology from UofSC. She also obtained her MHA from UofSC in Health Services Policy and Management. Her background includes mental health, credentialing of hospital medical staff, policy development and research study recruitment and coordination. She enjoys traveling, horseback riding and spending time with her family. 


Melissa Stansbury, PhD, ACSM-EP

Dr. Stansbury is an exercise physiologist who specializes in behavioral interventions for weight management. She has experience designing and developing interactive learning solutions and utilizing technology to facilitate sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. Dr. Stansbury earned her MS degree in Applied Health Physiology from Salisbury University and PhD in Exercise Science from UofSC. She is also a credentialed ATD Master Instructional Designer.


Kaitlyn Ramey, MS

Kaitlyn is a research specialist working on multiple projects in the Technology and Behavioral Intervention Lab. Kaitlyn obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina. Her background includes experience in childhood obesity and women's health research, with specific interests in behavioral interventions and physical activity. In her free time, Kaitlyn likes to craft, play sports (ultimate frisbee, kickball, roller skating, soccer, etc.), and play with her dogs.


Graduate Students 


Katherine DeVivo, MPH

Katherine is a doctoral student in the Department of Exercise Science.  She obtained her BS degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and obtained her MPH in Physical Activity and Public Health from UofSC. Katherine is interested in behavioral interventions targeting physical activity, sedentary behavior and weight loss. Katherine is a Cleveland sports fanatic and dog momma to sweet Sadie Mae.


Scott T. Jamieson, MS

Scott is a doctoral student in the Department of Exercise Science. Scott comes from Geisinger Medical Center, formerly serving as the metabolic laboratory manager within the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management. His research interests include targeted lifestyle interventions for patients with obesity, osteoarthritis and other metabolic disorders.


Katty Jones

Katty is a graduate student in the MPH Physical Activity and Public Health Program. She received her BS degree in Animal Veterinary Sciences with a pre-veterinary concentration from Clemson University. She is excited to switch her focus to human healthcare with this Master's program. Her research interests include behavioral interventions that promote healthy eating and physical activity. She enjoys hiking with her golden retriever, Asher, in her free time.


Daniel Heidtke

Daniel is a graduate student in the MPH in Physical Activity and Health program at the Arnold School. He has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from UofSC and loves South Carolina Football! His research interests primarily involve wearable technology and physical activity, community walkability, and active transportation. When not working or in school, Daniel is often hiking or traveling in different national parks across the US.


Mahima Mhatre

Mahima is a Master's student in the Department of Exercise Science. She has obtained a bachelor's degree in physical therapy from D.Y Patil University, India. Her background includes hands-on experience in a wide range of populations with and without metabolic disorders. Her interest leans towards behavioral interventions targeting impaired biomechanics and its relationship with musculoskeletal disorders, obesity, and women's health. She has a creative mindset and is passionate about art and craft. On the other hand, she's a nature's admirer and loves traveling around the world.


Undergraduate Students 


Abby Hall

Abby is from Stokedale, North Carolina and is a junior at the Arnold School of Public Health majoring in Public Health with a minor in Psychology. Her interests include physical activity and its effect on health. Her goal is to become a Physical Therapist, and she has a dog named Penny!


Cole Haralson

Cole is a junior B.S. Public Health major from Greenville, SC. He is interested in the application of GIS to fields within public health such as spatial epidemiology or environmental health science. He is a proud parent of 3 fish, and he enjoys hiking, drawing, and playing videogames.


Cassandra Hett

Cassandra is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Public Health. She is hoping to obtain a career in public health and nutrition research for a major food supplier. Her research interests include behavioral interventions in relation to nutrition, obesity, surgical recovery, and sedentary behavior.


Ellen Connolly

Ellen is a Junior Biological Sciences major and Spanish minor from Cincinnati, OH. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school to become a physical therapist. Ellen is also a tutor at the Student Success Center on campus. In her free time, ellen enjoys relaxing in her hammock on the Horseshoe, practicing yoga, and playing the ukulele.


Previous Students 


Adrianna Gergley



Courtnee Harpine


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