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School of Music

Minors in Music

Minor in Music

The music minor gives students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge and musical experiences through formal study in music. Combining the music minor with an appropriate major can prepare students for interdisciplinary careers or a lifelong avocation.

Minor in Music - 18 credits (plus prerequisite 3 credits)

Prerequisite Courses
Introduction to Music Theory: MUSC 114 [3 credits]  Note: May be used to fulfill the fine arts portion of the General Education Requirements

3 credits
Core Requirements
a) Recital Class: MUSC 100  [2 semesters, 0 credits]
b) Music Theory I: MUSC 115:  [3 credits]
c) Aural Skills I: MUSC 117 [1 credit]
d) Aural Skills II: MUSC 118 [1 credit]
e) Introduction to Music: MUSC 110  [3 credits]
f) Music Ensembles [2 semesters, 1 credit each]
 10 credits
a) Ensembles: maximum of four additional credits
b) Applied music (private lessons): maximum of eight credits.  A student may receive credit for two semesters of study at the MUSC 101 level, but must progress to MUSC 111 or 211 for more than two credits to be counted toward the minor.  A qualifying audition is required to enroll in applied music.
c) Music theory or music history/literature: MUSC 113, MUSC 140 or any course at 200 level or above
d) Music Education: any MUED course with the approval of the Undergraduate Director
8 credits

Consultation with the Undergraduate Director in the School of Music is REQUIRED. For more information or to apply for the Music Minor, contact

Special Note: The following courses may be used to satisfy the cognate requirements of undergraduate degrees offered by other schools and colleges on the USC-Columbia campus: MUSC 114, 115, and all MUSC and MUED courses 200 level and above.

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