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School of Music

Minors in Music

Audio Recording Minor

The minor in Audio Recording is designed to provide music majors with applicable knowledge and skills in audio recording and music production. Within the context of a liberal arts degree in music, students will develop competencies in aural and music analysis, the use of audio hardware and software, microphone theory and technique, and the application of sound in media. Students will also learn how to apply their knowledge of acoustics in the recording studio, edit and manipulate audio, solve technical and artistic problems, and communicate with performers. Skills are developed through the execution of projects in various recording situations, studio settings, and musical genres.

Minor in Audio Recording - 18 credits total

Core Requirements
a) Intro to Audio Recording Techniques (MUSC 365, 3 credits)
b) Advanced Audio Recording Techniques (MUSC 565, 3 credits)
c) Fundamentals of Sound for Use in Media (MUSC 566, 3 credits)
d) Recording Studio Techniques (MUSC 567, 3 credits)
e) Digital Audio Technology (MUSC 571, 3 credits)
f) Introduction to Computer Music (MUSC 336, 3 credits)

18 credits

Notes: Carolina Core remains the same except one popular music course (MUSC 113, 140, or 340) is required in the Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding area. Relevant non-music coursework is recommended (i.e. PHYS 155/155L – Musical Acoustics, MART 210 –Digital Media Arts Fundamentals, etc.)

Consultation with the Undergraduate Director in the School of Music is REQUIRED.

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