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School of Music

  • SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge

The SAVVY Experience

Reinvent communities as we reimagine the arts

SAVVY is not about passively observing lectures but rather learning through doing. Attendees emerge empowered as the best version of themselves, with actionable strategies to employ back home. If this much personal growth and tangible achievement can occur in just one week, imagine what might be accomplished in a year.

Below is a brief overview of major focal points each day. Additionally, the experience is enhanced by Overtures, Daily Danzes, Biz Schools, and other engaging activities that teach lessons and build community.

Community Day: Saturday

The SAVVY adventure kicks off with a progressive meal and series of activities scheduled in different downtown locations. Learn lessons on big thinking, collaboration, and opportunity creation while considering hidden community gems and bonding with colleagues.

Ignition Day: Sunday

Meet your team, assign roles and compete to secure one of nine non-arts partners. Following an interview with your organization liaison, begin identifying insights and design principles for your SAVVY project. Big surprise in the evening!

Concept Day: Monday

Moving through a structured, facilitated process, teams shape innovative ventures that engage their selected partner organization. By day’s end, concepts begin to solidify.

Design Day 1: Tuesday

Each team must solve several project-related challenges. TeamTime allows groups to build their projects from the ground up. Collectively working to solve problems is where much deep learning occurs. In the evening, teams dine with their partner organization during Sweet, Savory and SAVVY Dinners.

Design Day 2: Wednesday

Teams continue designing their projects. The day ends with an expert expo, allowing participants to explore additional opportunities for non-traditional partnerships.

Prep Day: Thursday

In preparation for the big reveal, teams prepare a pitch and exhibit that represents their proposal. In addition to training sessions, a pitch coach offers feedback.

Reveal Day: Friday

During SAVVY Reveal, teams pitch projects and share exhibits. Think "Shark Tank" meets the arts. Judges offer feedback and prizes during an Awards Ceremony. Afternoon activities focus on reflection and next steps. Laughter and tears typically accompany our bittersweet closing rituals. While SAVVY officially concludes in early evening, join us for the Savilly Ever After Party.

Bonus Day: Saturday

SAVVY-U, our optional bonus day, provides a concrete framework for applying SAVVY lessons directly to your career or organization over the 12-months that follow. Learn more.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.