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Impact - Income - Innovate

Interdisciplinary Arts Boot Camp to Transform Communities

June 6–12, 2021 - Columbia, SC

Performing/Visual Artists • Arts Administrators

 “What I expected was practical advice about making it in the arts. What I got was unparalleled artistic liberation that makes me believe I can conquer the world.”

Creative artists (musicians, dancers, actors, poets, visual/media artists, etc.) and arts administrators often dream of engaging elusive non-traditional audiences. Yet they seem to attract the same old crowd, limiting opportunity and impact.

SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge (SAVVY) is a revolutionary professional development workshop that teaches participants to become better entrepreneurs, collaborators, change agents, community pillars and dreamers.

During season 6 of this problem-solving "game," nine interdisciplinary teams are paired with community-based non-arts entities (bank, health care, farm, military, etc.). After interviewing liaisons, groups custom design innovative, income-producing arts initiatives designed specifically to benefit their partner organization. The workshop concludes with a public competition. Finally, a concrete framework for expanding our reach!

Whether hoping to boost your reputation, earn more money, transform an institution or just get more done, SAVVY will prove pivotal.

Tuition Scholarships Available


Top 5 Reasons to attend SAVVY

1. Experiential Education

SAVVY is no lecture fest! Capped at just 81 participants, attendees learn by doing, working on teams to solve a complex, relevant, arts-based challenge.  

2. Transferable Skills
Develop a host of hard- and soft-skills applicable to arts careers and institutions: community impact, financial management, comprehensive marketing, creative collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, storytelling, time management.
3. Nontraditional Connections
SAVVY’s unique design process mandates the exploration of nonconventional partnerships and audiences, illuminating untapped opportunity back home.
4. Diverse Network
Innovation is most likely to occur when unlike perspectives intersect. Our notably diverse mosaic of attendees combines performing/visual artists and arts administrators, spanning a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, ages and geographies.
5. Powerhouse Faculty
SAVVY is the brainchild of Dr. David Cutler, an influential voice on arts entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. He is joined by an all-star roster of visionary thought leaders, in addition to a “team doctor” who addresses group dysfunctions, personal challenges and productivity techniques.


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Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.