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Darla Moore School of Business

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The Moore School created the Center for Executive Succession to leverage the world-class faculty research capability and a unique corporate/academic partnership to provide cutting-edge research in the issues, challenges and best practices regarding C-suite succession.

Current Research Projects


Building the Executive Leadership Team

This study examines the practices of building a new executive leadership team when a new CEO and/or C-suite executive is placed. The transition process is extremely important, yet there are few processes established to help effectively accelerate executive team development. Our research team is in the process of interviewing current and former CEOs, members of the Board of Directors and CHROs to capture and consider every vantage point. If you have this level of experience with building the ELT and would like to be part of the interview process, please contact us at

Splitting Governance: Succession Planning Differences between Independent Board Chairs and Dual CEO/Chairs

This study focuses on differences in the effectiveness of succession planning activities performed across companies with different board governance structures, with a primary focus on the differences between companies who have an independent board chair vs. those with a non-independent (CEO or Executive) chair and a lead director. The goal of the project is to identify if different board governance structures influence the effectiveness of succession planning activities conducted by the board and management.

CEO Transition: Challenges and Learnings from the First Year

This study focuses on a CEO's first year in the role as a follow up to our research on the board's perspective of successful CEO succession. For this on-going research, we interview CEOs about the challenges they faced and what they found most helpful during their first year. If you are a new CEO or know a new CEO who would like to be part of the interview process, please contact us at

Virtual Board Meetings and Director Onboarding

This study explores how the transition to virtual board meetings has influenced board of directors' effectiveness. We specifically focus on how virtual board meetings influence interaction between directors as well as with management, and how these interactions influence interpretation of events in the boardroom compared to non-virtual board meetings. If you are interested in discussing how virtual meetings have influenced your board, please contact us at

HR Experience on Boards and CEO Succession Planning Processes

In this study, we are focused on how experience in HR among board members influences the board's engagement with CEO succession planning and the effectiveness of such efforts. 

2020 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers 

The 2020 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers explored aspects of CEO succession, the CHRO’s role in succession and relationship with the lead director, diversity and inclusion in leadership roles, and the concern among executives for future generations. Three new reports stem from the 2020 survey:

Building Diversity into the Talent Pipeline for Senior Operating Roles

This report analyzes the current diversity of the talent pipeline being groomed for senior operating roles and the obstacles that firms face in increasing the numbers of women and people of color into them. It also covers the strategies respondents find effective for increasing the diversity of the pipeline.

The Chief HR Officer Role: Results of the 2020 HR@Moore Survey of Chief Human Resources Officers

This report examines the demographic composition of CHROs based on the past three years of survey data as well as our own gathering of data on S&P 500 companies, the various demands of the CHRO role, and the most frequent way in which CHROs gain their position.

Building the High Performing Executive Leadership Team

This report combines interviews with CEOs, former CEOs, board members, and CHROs and results from the 2020 HR@Moore Survey of CHROs to explore how CEOs can construct an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and accelerate its development into a high performing team. (Report not yet published)

2021 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers  

This year's HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers will be open in mid-May.

Please contact if interested in participating in our research.

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