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My School of Medicine Columbia

Custodial Services

The School of Medicine consists of approximately 300,000 square foot of space. We contract with an outside provider to keep all of those spaces clean for our students, staff, faculty and visitors. 

The University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine’s Custodial Services operates on contractual bases. The USC School of Medicine consists of several academic and clinical buildings which accounts for approximately 300,000 square footage of cleaning space. Presently, the USC School of Medicine Custodial Services contractor is US&S Facility Services.

School of Medicine Cleaning Procedures

The following tasks will be performed at the specified frequencies in all areas of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine campus sites, to include all porches, steps and ramps.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday (Not less than three (3) times per week)

  • Sweep or vacuum stairs
  • Mop entrance (inside tile areas)
  • Clean glass bulletin boards

Tuesday – Thursday (Not less than two (2) times per week)

  • Buff/Polish floors
  • Damp mop floors
  • Damp mop stairs
  • Daily
  • Clean sand urn
  • Empty wastebaskets (all trash)
  • Empty and wipe ashtrays
  • Dusting
  • Clean and disinfect showers (4) – applies to Garners Ferry Road Campus only
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect chairs, tables and phones
  • Refill all dispensers (soap, towels, etc.) as needed
  • Spot clean woodwork
  • Spot clean walls
  • Straighten furniture
  • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains
  • Dust mop all vinyl floors
  • Sweep entrance (30’access to doors)
  • Vacuum entrance mats
  • All carpet to be vacuumed daily 
  • Spot clean heat and air conditioning grills
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Clean all glass doors
  • Clean chalkboards and trays - Classrooms
  • All restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to include toilets, urinals, shelves, basins, floors and walls


  • Polish all metal
  • Wax-Polish furniture
  • Sweep all uncovered floors
  • Apply floor polish or recoat (top coat) as required


  • Spot clean windows inside and outside
  • Clean and disinfect waste receptacles (more often if needed)

As needed (At least twice per year)

  • Shampoo carpets
  • Strip and seal floors
  • As needed but at least once per year
  • Wash windows inside and outside 
  • Vacuum or dust blinds and drapes
  • Clean and disinfect all environmental HVAC supply and return grills
  • Shampoo upholstery
  • Clean inside and outside of light fixtures
  • Floor cleaning means all areas of floors, corners, all edges, under desks, tables and chairs, etc.

Frequency of required tasks outlined is a minimum requirement only and shall not be used by contractor as reason for unacceptable janitorial service. It will be the contractor’s r esponsibility to determine frequency of tasks required to keep facilities in a condition that reflects the highest standards of cleanliness and appearance.

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