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School of Medicine Columbia

Faculty and Staff

Steven Patrick Wilson, Ph.D.

Title: Librarian
Department: Medical Library
School of Medicine Columbia
Phone: 803-216-3206

Medical Library
Medical Library Bldg 103



Postdoctoral: National Institutes of Health, Wellcome Research Laboratories
Ph.D. :  Duke University
BS:  University of Pittsburgh


The laboratory designs and produces viruses engineered to alter gene expression in the nervous system.  These viral vectors are designed either to over-express an exogenous transgene or to knockdown endogenous gene expression.  Recombinant herpes simplex viruses are designed to produce long-lasting alterations in the gene expression of sensory neurons, with the goals of understanding transmission of noxious stimuli and developing therapies for chronic pain.  Engineered lentiviruses are designed to determine the roles of specific brain neurotransmitter systems in behavior, elucidating brain function and leading to development of new treatments for behavioral and neurological disorders. 


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  • Walder RY, Gautam M, Wilson SP, Benson CJ and Sluka KA (2011) Selective targeting of ASIC3 using artificial miRNAs inhibits primary and secondary hyperalgesia following muscle inflammation.  Pain 152, 2348-2356.
  • Paranjape SA, Chan O, Zhu W, Horblitt AM, Grillo CA, Wilson S, Reagan L and Sherwin RS (2011) Chronic Reduction of Insulin Receptors in the Ventromedial Hypothalamus Produces Glucose Intolerance and Islet Dysfunction in the Absence of Weight Gain.  American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism 301, E978-E983.
  • Krause EG, de Kloet AD, Scott KA, Flak JN, Jones K, Smeltzer MD, Ulrich-Lai YM, Woods SC, Wilson SP, Reagan LP, Herman JP and Sakai RR (2011) Blood-borne angiotensin II acts in the brain to influence behavioral and endocrine responses to psychogenic stress.  Journal of Neuroscience 31, 15009-15015.
  • Tomasiewicz HC, Jacobs MM, Wilkinson MB, Wilson SP, Nestler EJ and Hurd YL (2012) Proenkephalin mediates the enduring effects of adolescent cannabis exposure associated with adult opiate vulnerability.  Biological Psychiatry, in press.

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