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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Our Ph.D. Students

The Department of Sport and Entertainment Management is home to one of the nation’s premier graduate programs. It has a unique focus on the business of both the sport and entertainment industries. Our faculty are internationally renowned experts and serve as editors and editorial board members of leading sport management and entertainment management publications. Further, many of our faculty have been named as research fellows by the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), Sport Marketing Association (SMA), and the Sport and Recreation Law Association (SRLA).

Meet our Ph.D. Students 

As one of our Ph.D. students, you'll work closely with faculty on research, grants, and consulting projects. Projects often involve leading organizations within the sport, entertainment, and venue industries. These projects will cultivate lifelong business relationships and networking opportunities you’ll need to advance your career.

Deukmook Bae headshot

Deukmook Bae

From Seoul, Republic of Korea, Deukmook Bae received both his B.S. in physical education and M.S. in global sport management from Seoul National University. Bae's research areas of interest are in consumer behavior, consumer emotions and ticket pricing. In his spare time, Bae enjoys playing basketball and tennis, watching movies and time with friends. 

Ryan Dastrup

Ryan Dastrup

Ryan Dastrup is from Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his B.S. from Utah Valley University and his M.S. in Sports Management from Ohio University. Dastrup brings significant sponsorship industry experience and expertise as he has led client engagements with both brands, rights holders and agencies working across a wide range of industries. Ryan has experience in selling and activating sponsorship for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Coyotes and Harlem Globetrotters. He has worked on market research, media evaluations and consulting for some of the largest brands and sports properties worldwide during his time with Nielsen Sports and Major League Soccer.

Rodrigo Feller headshot

Rodrigo Feller

Rodrigo Feller is from São Paulo, Brazil. He received a B.S. in international business from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in sport administration from Ball State University. In 2016, Rodrigo worked at the Olympic Games as an NOC assistant, which led to his research interest in examining legacies left to host cities / nations after hosting the Summer Olympic Games. Rodrigo's research interests are also in the areas of international student-athletes' experiences and transitional challenges — interests he acquired due to his background as a former collegiate student-athlete.

William Fisackerly

William Fisackerly

Wil Fisackerly is from Englewood, Florida, and earned his Bachelor Science in Sport Communications and Marketing, Multimedia Journalism and Film Studies from Florida Southern College and his Master of Science in Collegiate Athletic Administration from Coker University. His research interest is in esports with a focus on its inclusion into the higher education model. Fisackerly enjoys video gaming, live streaming, disc golf, and cinematography.

Jacqueline Hague

Jacqueline "Jackie" Hague

Jacqueline "Jackie" Hague received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Communication from Seton Hall University and her Master of Arts in Media Ecology from New York University. Hague has more than 25 years of marketing experience in consumer packaged goods, sports and entertainment partnerships. Her research areas of interest include brand and entertainment characters, anthropomorphization, personification, marketing and family businesses. #officialprofessorofNASCAR, #officialclassofNASCAR

Xiaoan Huang, Ph.D. student, Sport and Entertainment Management

Xiaoan Huang

Xiaoan Huang is originally from Beijing, China. Huang received his bachelor's degree in finance from Georgetown University and his master of finance degree from Johns Hopkins University. Huang has lived in more than six states and ten cities in the U.S. His research areas of interest include professional sport leagues, sport management in developing countries, college athletics, sport finance and sport economics. In his free time, Huang enjoys playing basketball, working out and listening to podcasts. His favorite food is Kung Pao chicken and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Chan-Hyeon Hur

Chan Hyeon Hur

Chan Hyeon, from South Korea, received his Bachelor of Physical Education in Sports and Leisure Studies from Korea University and his Master of Sport Management in Global Sport Management from Seoul National University. His research areas of interest include sports economics (economic impact / legacy of mega sports events and others) and big data and analytics. He received Best Conference Presentation Award of "The 2019 Sport Issue Forum & The 31st Seoul International Sport Conference in Commemoration of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games" from Korean Society for Sport Management in 2019. He also served as a secretary at Korean Society for Sport Management (KSSM). Outside of academia, Chan Hyeon enjoys playing golf.

Jesse Kasser headshot

Jesse Kasser

Jesse Kasser is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kasser received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Hofstra University and his Master of Science in Sport Administration from the University of Miami. His research area of interest is in collegiate athletics fundraising. Kasser has lived in five different states and worked for four collegiate athletic institutions. He enjoys college athletics, professional sports, friends, family, and mentorship.
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Grace Kazmierski

Grace Kazmierski

Grace Kazmierski is from Southlake, Texas, and was recruited to the University of South Carolina to compete on the Gamecock swimming and diving team. While at UofSC, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Grace’s research interests include college athletics, the Olympic Games, and sustainability in sport. She currently works as the Assistant Director in UofSC’s Office of Sustainability in addition to her studies. In her free time, Grace enjoys spending time near the water, watching football, and traveling to the mountains and coast.

Alexia Pedo Lopes

Alexia Pedo Lopes

Alexia Pedo Lopes, from Lajeado, Brazil, earned a B.B.A (magna cum laude) and a master's degree in international business from KU Leuven in Belgium. Her interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in sport management comes from long involvement with Motocross / Supercross. In addition, a volunteering experience with an NGO in Peru was a milestone for her, making her want become an educator. Her research concentrates on female leaders in sport organizations.  In her spare time, Lopes enjoys traveling and hiking. 

Courses taught:

SPTE 203- 003 – Intro to Event and Venue Management
SPTE 490 – Special Topic: Women in Sports
PTE 580 – Business Principles in Sport Management.

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Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols hails from Blythewood, South Carolina. Nichols obtained his Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee-Martin. His research interests are in the area of athlete as a brand. He enjoys golf, traveling and odd tasks related to owning a horse farm. 

Deokkyung Ock headshot

Deokkyung Ock

Deokkyung Ock is from Busan, South Korea. He received his B.S. in sport science and M.S. in sport management from Seoul National University, where he received a lecture and research scholarship in 2019. While there, he was also a member of the Handball Athletic Team. Ock's research interests include e-sport consumer behavior, sport marketing strategy and new technology-based sport. In his free tim, Ock enjoys playing soccer.

Jiayao Chee

Jiayao Chee Qi

Jiayao Chee Qi, from Hangzhou, China, earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance from Northern Arizona University and his Master of Science in Education - Sport Management from Baylor University. His research interests include organizational behavior and human resource management in sport. Chee also has experiences in mentoring at-risk undergraduate students from various backgrounds. He enjoys automobile track events and performance driving.

Christopher Scroggins

Chris Scroggins, from Waynesboro, Virginia., received both his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology / Exercise Science and Master of Science in Kinesiology / Sport and Recreation Leadership from James Madison University. Scroggins' research areas of interest are esports, underrepresented populations in sport, disability / adaptive sport, and social connectedness through sport. In his free time, Scroggins enjoys fishing and hiking. 

Michael Seidman

Michael Seidman is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he worked at the world-famous Commander’s Palace for the better part of a decade in several roles  — accounting and community bank regulation. Seidman received a Bachelor of Science of Accounting and Business from the University of Phoenix and an M.B.A. with a finance specialization from Loyola University.  He loves talking accounting, business, and finance and has research interests related to esports and the novel industry’s struggles with discrimination, pay inequity, and other important phenomena.

Keymardo Tyrell headshot

Kemardo Tyrell

Kemardo Tyrell, from Enfield, Saint Mary, Jamaica, received his B.A. in management information systems from Notre Dame College, and his M.S. degree in operations management from the University of Arkansas. Kemardo also obtained an MBA in business administration with a focus on finance and athletic administration from Idaho State University. His research interests include the economic impact of sports in minority communities and developing countries, sport wagering and efficient market hypothesis, revenue generation in collegiate and professional sport, the financial impact of injuries in collegiate and professional sport, sport marketing, and sport and social change in society.

 Tsu-Lin Yeh

Tsu-Lin Yeh

Tsu-Lin Yeh is from Taiwan, where she studied information management for both bachelor's and master's degrees at Chang Gung University (CGU). She also received her master's degree in international sport affairs from National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU). During her studies at NTSU, she completed the one-year program of Master of Sport Administration (MSA) at Russian International Olympic University (RIOU). Her research interests are in the area of sport business management.

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