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South Carolina Honors College

Stella Strength

Ask me about … Participating in the Marching Band, leadership opportunities on campus and in Columbia, professional fraternities, Top Scholars program study abroad programs.

I’m a sophomore majoring in International Business and Economics and minoring in Spanish from Chattanooga, TN. As a high school senior, I had no idea where I wanted to go to school or what I wanted to study, but after I learned about SCHC and the IB program here at UofSC, I realized my personal passions could also be professional! My dream is to contribute to international economic development that empowers communities to thrive independently, and I hope to join the Peace Corps after I graduate. 

My advice for prospective students: The college decision process is certainly stressful, but I recommend taking a deep breath and paying attention to where you feel like you will be most supported. As a college student, you’ll find success wherever you are healthiest, happiest, and truly yourself.

My advice for current students: Never stop meeting new people! Try to always be the first person to say hello and reach out to someone else. Kindness and friendliness are what make UofSC feel like home, and we’re never too old or comfortable to make new friends!

My favorite thing about the honors college: Hands down, the people. My honors college friends inspire me to work harder and dream bigger. Rather than competitively comparing accomplishments among peers, we all celebrate each others’ successes.  

My reason for choosing SCHC: I wanted to pick the school and program that would not only make me the better student, but also the better person. It’s such a well rounded experience, and the SCHC community is even more supportive than I had hoped it would be. Plus my mom said she’d never wear Tennessee orange…

My hobbies: I love playing guitar and ukulele and songwriting with friends, hiking and camping, cooking, photography, teaching pilates, and trash talking while still somehow losing board games.

My motto in life: Kindness is never a mistake. Even if it’s uncomfortable in the moment, I never regret being objectively nice. Thankfully, my SCHC community often seems to have this motto, too!

Favorite movie: You’ve Got Mail… although any Norah Ephron rom com is a close second. It’s been my favorite for years, and I will always suggest it when my friends and I have rom com movie Mondays.

Something I will always do: Dance when there’s music playing. Just as I once looked away in embarrassment as my Dad raised the roof in public, my roommates now avert their eyes as I shimmy through the Walmart aisles. This will never change. 

Something that makes me laugh: my older brother! His impressions and old movie references are unparalleled… just don’t tell him I said this. 

Something I’m proud of: I have always been terribly afraid of heights, so on my eighteenth birthday, I went hangliding over Lookout Mountain back in Tennessee. I decided fear wouldn’t own me as an adult, and thus far, it hasn’t.

My life goal: Travel to every continent! I collect vintage globes and maps, and whenever I see them, I have to resist the urge to impulsively buy a plane ticket then and there.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.