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South Carolina Honors College

Jacqueline Purtell

Ask me about ... changing your major, service learning classes, having an internship and getting involved as a Freshman!

I am a freshman from Clover, South Carolina (essentially Charlotte, NC) majoring in Statistics with a double minor in Data Science as well as Advertising and Public Relations. I am an Orientation Leader and a volunteer with Gamecock Connection, a group on campus dedicated to running open houses and helping prospective students. I try to center my extracurricular activities around telling future Gamecocks how much I love UofSC. As of right now, my plans for the future involve adopting a guinea pig and finding a career that combines all of my various passions while letting me talk with my hands.

My advice for prospective students: Breathe! You always have time to breathe. The college decision process can be overwhelming, but everything boils down to one thing: which school has the environment in which you want to grow? College is only what you make of it; find the university that inspires you to create a life that you are proud to live.

My advice for current students: There are so many incredible experiences at your fingertips. Laugh more, go to Kaminsky’s Dessert Café for dinner, go to a football game! Live your best student life for the short amount of time you are here.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: I love Honors classes. The students are avid learners and always willing to collaborate. The professors care about the success of each individual student, and the smaller class sizes allow for the professors to adjust their teaching to the students. Also, the SCHC has a lot of unique classes available to Honors College students, and they quickly become my favorite classes each semester.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: Coming from a graduating class of 60 in high school, I wanted to attend the largest public university I could find. However, I did not want to miss opportunities to become incredibly active in the school, or with the faculty, due to its size. The SCHC is a perfect balance of a close-knit community in a school of thousands. There is always someone new to meet, but there is also always someone who knows you by name.

Something I’m proud of: I am proud to be in the South Carolina Honors College.. The people in this community are so talented, intelligent, and kind. It is a truly humbling and uplifting experience to be involved in this university in any capacity but being in the Honors College is an accomplishment of which I am proud.

My motto in life: Chase your joy. Someone once told me that he joined every club in college that sounded interesting, and then only stayed in the ones that brought him joy. He chose his next semester classes based on the intro level classes that brought him the most joy. He changed his major three times because he was constantly trying to narrow his schedule to that which brought him joy. Now, he says that he loves his career and his major because he continuously followed the path that made him happy and it led him to his current position. I am trying to chase my joy, and I cannot wait to see where it leads me.

Currently reading: I just finished re-reading Pride and Prejudice and I am willing to have a six-hour conversation about it if you are.

I’m motivated by: the ability to sign my name on all of my decisions. I want to live with the knowledge that I make all of my choices with the hope of creating a life that I love and helping others do the same. Also, I want my parents to think I’m cool.

My hero: Dolly Parton today, my brothers sometimes, my parents always, and Winnie the Pooh.

My biggest fear: That I will miss a once in a lifetime opportunity

Something I will always do: Make time for others

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.