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South Carolina Honors College

Natalie Monzavifar

Ask me about … Research opportunities, internships and getting involved with student organizations.

I’m a sophomore from Davidson, NC pursuing a dual degree in math and computer science. I’m super involved on campus from student government to being on the executive board of German Club. My current focus is data science, and I hope to work as an analyst for a major company when I graduate.  

My advice for prospective students: Everything will end up how it’s meant to. If you just trust yourself and your decisions, you will find your home for the next four years. It may not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. 

My advice for current students: Don’t try to rush through college – enjoy the small moments. We all want to get a job after we graduate, but don’t be afraid to try new experiences and go outside of your comfort zone. Enjoy the time you have as a student! 

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The people. The community is so strong and interconnected, and I see someone I know everywhere I go. I love feeling challenged and have found some of my best friends through the program. 

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I was looking for a school with a challenging academic program and lots of opportunities for research and study abroad, but I also wanted a strong sense of community. The SCHC perfectly fit the small school-big school vibe for me. 

Something that makes me laugh: My kitten, Evie. She always does the quirkiest things and falls asleep in the funniest positions. 

Something I’m proud of: Being able to speak German fluently. I work really hard to practice and expand my vocabulary, and I hope to study abroad in Germany soon. 

Songs I’ve completely memorized: Basically, all of the Milky Chance albums. They’re my absolute favorite band ever. I’ve seen them live twice and soon to be a third!

Favorite study music: White noise. I find it calming to listen to waterfall sounds while I’m studying. Every other distraction around me falls away, and I can concentrate on what I have to finish. 

My motto in life: The sun always rises in the morning. No matter how bad your day is, tomorrow will be a new one. 

Currently reading: The Harry Potter series for the 7th time. These are my favorite books of all time! My goal is to finish the series in multiple different languages before I graduate.  

Something I will always do: Put hot sauce on my food. Not on everything of course, but most things! 

Skill I’d like to master: I want to be better at cooking. I’m terrible in the kitchen, but I’m getting better day by day.


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