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Bridge Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program

For the 2020-21 academic year and going forward, the Bridge Humanities Corps is now the Bridge Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program for recent PhDs in the humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences.  At this time, the best contact for questions about the program is Dr. Cynthia Davis, Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences (

About the program

The Bridge Humanities Corps (BHC), now in its fifth year, will continue in revised form during the 2020-21 academic year. Six recent PhDs (within 3 years of degree) from the College of Arts and Sciences will be selected as Bridge Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows (PTF) through a competitive application process.


What Is Expected of BHC Members

Forsaking other employment, fellows will teach a three-quarter load, which will allow time to participate in pedagogical workshops and professional development activities

Eligibility, Requirements and Compensation

A total of six members will be chosen to participate in this innovative program for the 2020-2021 academic year.

CAS graduate students who have received their doctorates in the Humanities or who have defended a dissertation with a humanistic focus in the Social Sciences are eligible to apply, provided that they have graduated from their doctoral program no earlier than August 2017 and no later than August 2020.

  • Doctorate in hand by August 2020 (mandatory).
  • Completion of GRAD 701 or its equivalent by the end of fall 2020.
  • 3:3 teaching load as instructor of record for SAEL 200 or its equivalents.  Equivalents will be determined by the CAS based on instructor needs and courses for which fellows are qualified to teach. 
  • Mandatory attendance of interdisciplinary pedagogical training on meeting the Carolina Core (VSR and CMS) requirements to be offered by the Assistant Director in August 2020.
  • Student evaluations distributed and collected each term; peer evaluation once per academic year conducted by the Assistant Director.
  • Mandatory attendance of two additional pedagogical training sessions (one per term) offered by the Assistant Director and designed to enhance the quality of instruction and help build a cohort of fellows.
  • Mandatory attendance of 4 professional development sessions (2 per term) facilitated by Dr. Davis and focused on developing job search and career skills in order to improve fellows’ odds of employment in a variety of sectors, both within and outside of academia.
  • Submission of two reports to both the Director and Assistant Director (due January 2021 and May 2021).
  • Refusal of additional employment at the University or state entities during the entire length of the 2020-21AY program.

Fellows will each receive:

  • $32,500 salary with applicable fringe benefits, including access to health insurance if eligible.  
  • Cohort program designed to provide support for new professionals, develop best practices for teaching and aid in career success.

All fellows must forego any other employment within the University and state system during the entire length of the 2020-21 academic year program

 Application Process

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2020-21 fellowships.  For questions, please contact Dr. Cynthia Davis at

For more information, visit the College of Arts and Sciences Bridge Humanities Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship website.

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