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Using AI and digital threads for predicting failure, maintenance and system reliability

Professor Abdel Bayoumi has researched and helped improved predictive maintenance methods for 24 years. He is now working on implementing a digital transformation to create a sustainable predictive maintenance program for the next generation of mechanical, electrical and structural systems.

Can I eat this food or not?

A computer science and engineering graduate student is using artificial intelligence techniques to develop nutritional analysis from food images and meal recommendations based on a user's health conditions and food preferences.

Aerospace engineering program enjoys growth to fill unique needs

The CEC's aerospace engineering undergraduate program continues to grow from its humble beginnings in 2018 and remains the only program of its kind in South Carolina.

Research aims to produce cleaner and more efficient hydrogen

Producing hydrogen has negative impacts such as high costs and carbon dioxide emission. But Mechanical Engineering Professor Kevin Huang is conducting research that utilizes reversible solid oxide cells for clean, efficient and high-yield hydrogen production.

Transforming food waste to value-added products? Berge's research aims for sustainable conversion

Imagine someone using a wet waste, such as a banana peel, to efficiently extract and reuse its resources. Associate Professor Nicole Berge is conducting research to determine if these wet wastes can be converted to value-added products through a more sustainable and economically viable approach.

CEC announces CAREER Award winners

The College of Engineering and Computing announces three CAREER Award winners - Michael Gower, Monirosadat Sadati, and Sanjib Sur.

Utilizing smart sensors to assess levee risks and hazards

Accurately predicting levees' performance and hazards are essential for managing risk in flood-prone areas. Professor Jasim Imran's current research is developing a framework to better determine levee risk factors and predict where failures may occur.

CEC welcomes new faculty for 2022-2023 academic year

This academic year's new faculty bring several years of research and teaching experience in computer science, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Demuth awarded Robert Maher Memorial Scholarship

An accelerated bachelor's/master's degree student has received a scholarship that will help enable him to pursue his research and interest in nuclear engineering.

Cacuci releases new book on groundbreaking sensitivity analysis methodology

SmartState Endowed Chair Professor Dan Cacuci recently had his first of three volumes released that focuses on his methodology to overcome the curse of dimensionality.

Ph.D. student builds online community for biology enthusiasts

Candice Cheung, a third-year biomedical engineering Ph.D. student, has helped develop Biocord, an online community for biology enthusiasts. The group is now registered as a nonprofit with more than 20,000 members.

Gower aims to advance treatment of obesity-related disease through NSF research

Assistant Professor Michael Gower will utilize his NSF CAREER award to investigate and help researchers better understand and improve the medical field's response to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Developing advanced control systems for the next generation of naval destroyers

The U.S. Navy is interested in advanced control systems as they extend the lifespan of their current fleet and plan to increase production. Electrical Engineering Professor Herbert Ginn is currently expanding on previous control systems research by being part of a larger effort toward deploying advanced controls.

Breakthrough Star:Yu Qian

It’s one thing to be late for a haircut because of a crossing train. But when Yu Qian spotted an ambulance with lights flashing and siren blaring — but blocked by a train — he put his civil engineering expertise to work.

Harik pushes manufacturing of advanced composite structures with NASA grant

Associate Professor Ramy Harik is utilizing a $1.1 million NASA grant to develop new processes for more efficient manufacturing of advanced air vehicles and lightweight structures.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

Since establishing an Artificial Intelligence Institute in 2019, the university has seen growing interest in the subject across campus. There are now dozens of researchers throughout the university exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to advance fields from health care to manufacturing.

Alum creates innovative collaboration in leading Alzheimer's disease research

Ryan Geiser, '17 is bringing together researchers from several scientific and public health fields in the United Kingdom to better understand Alzheimer's disease and determine if any drugs are available for future study.

Coman earns battery division postdoctoral associate research award

Paul Coman was recently recognized for his work on improving safety in lithium-ion batteries.

Utilizing piezoelectric materials for better plasma applications

If you've ever generated an internal electric charge by using a cigarette lighter, you've utilized piezoelectric materials. To better understand the piezoelectricity phenomena, Associate Professor Tanvir Farouk is examining how combining these materials and plasma can be used in medical and other applications.

Breakthrough Star: Pooyan Jamshidi

Lifelong interest in robotics leads professor to research in artificial intelligence, machine learning.

IIT seniors work with business student to develop revolutionary stairs software

Business student Jake Birkmaier saw a need and brought his idea for a staircase software to develop in this past spring's Integrated Information Technology (IIT) Capstone Course. With the help of two IIT students, the team created a software system that saves time and ensures customer satisfaction.

CEC advisors recognized for innovative changes

The CEC advising office has been streamlining the advising process for undergraduate students. Their hard work has been recognized by the university with five awards that honor three outstanding advisors as well as the innovative processes of the office.

Sutton among the greatest scientists the field of applied mechanics has ever seen

This is Michael Sutton’s lifetime achievement award. His Major League Baseball Hall of Fame induction. His Heisman Trophy; maybe even his Nobel Prize. When Sutton receives the 2022 Timoshenko Medal on Nov. 2, he will officially be recognized as one of the greatest scientists the field of applied mechanics has ever seen.

Breakthrough Star: Jorge Crichigno

Associate professor of integrated information technology Jorge Chrichigno builds a virtual “playground” for IT education.

Fluor support creates diverse pipeline for engineering, business

Brenden Chavis, an informatics Ph.D. student in the College of Engineering and Computing, is able to pay for his own education thanks to programs funded by Fluor Corp.

Civil engineering team laying foundation for earthen block construction

For the past 10 years, Fabio Matta, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, has been engineering earthen building blocks made from local soil. Up close, the blocks don’t look like anything special, but their simplicity is the appeal — the blocks don’t require firing in energy-intensive kiln furnaces and can stand up to the worst Mother Nature can throw at them.


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