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College of Education

Our Faculty


Name Email Activities Taught Keywords
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Jacquelyn Stokes Hip Hop Dance, African Dance, and others.  
Andrew Ogburn Scuba  
Charles Bray Beginning Kayaking  
Chase Butler Beginning Golf, Intermediate Golf  
Rosette Carter Zumba  
Lynn Doggette Yoga  
RIchard Durlach Latin Dance, Social Dance, Swing Dance  
Rebecca Everling Triathlon Trainning   
Matt Fink Racquetball  
Brice Gill Backpacking  
Michelle Grieswell Backpacking, CPR, First Aid and AED  
Shannon Henry Self-Defense for Women  
Tanailyn Pernell Resistance Training and Sculpting for Women, Beginning Weight Training, CPR  
Jessica Reardon Spinning  
Matt Riley Rock Climbing  
Erin Roof Yoga  
April South Zumba  
Lauren Stewart Tennis  
Juan Jasso Weight Training, Soccer, Rugby  
Lawrence Ray Scuba, First Aid, CPR  
Angie Still Yoga  
Marilda Julia Tennis  
Kevin Cameron Conditioning for ROTC  
Lori Flick McIntosh Pickleball  
Mark Tatusko Tennis and Pickleball  
Sheila McDevett    Canine Fitness Connection, Jogging   
Gerard Brown

Self Defense for Women   
Derrick Hines

Beginning and Advanced Weight Training  
Jessica Dillon

Basic Volleyball  
Charles Anderson

Football, Weight Training  
Amanda Baker

Beginning and Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving   
Clare Ellinger

Beginning Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness   
Kasie Roark



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