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College of Education

Course Changes

Overview of Curriculum/Course Changes

All changes to courses or programs that would result in a change to the UofSC Graduate or Undergraduate Studies Bulletin must be approved throughout the College and, ultimately, by either the Faculty Senate (100 through 600-level courses and undergraduate programs) and/or the Graduate Council (700 and 800-level courses and all graduate programs). Offering existing courses through distance learning must also be approved by the College and the Graduate Council/Faculty Senate.

In addition, major modifications to programs must also be approved by South Carolina's Commission on Higher Education (CHE). Major modifications include changes to program titles, addition or deletion of programs, addition or deletion of options or concentrations, major curricular changes within programs, and offering existing programs via distance education.

Revisions to proposals are commonly required at each stage of the approval process. Given the many layers of approval, course/program changes often require a full academic year to proceed through the entire system. Most of the approving bodies (e.g, COE Basic Programs Curriculum Committee, COE Advanced Programs Governance Committee, Graduate Council, Commission on Higher Education) publish schedules each year indicating due dates for materials to be submitted for their consideration. Questions about deadlines and approval timelines can be addressed to Rob Dedmon.

Curriculum/Course Change Process

To begin an academic proposal (create or change a course, change curriculum in a program, etc.), log in to the Academic Programs Proposal System and choose "Start New Proposal."

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