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College of Information and Communications

Inclusive Excellence Advisory Council

Member School/College Role
Nicole Cooke SLIS CIC Research/Augusta Baker Chair/Planning
Clayton Copeland SLIS CIC Research/SLIS Diversity Committee/Planning
Randy Covington SJMC/CIC DMA, CIC Special Projects Director/CIC
Diversity Planning/Advisory
Kelly Davis SJMC Faculty/Alum/PRSSA Advisor
Industry Diversity/Advisory
Michelle LaRoche SJMC Baldwin Chair/Faculty/Industry
Diversity Planning, Advisory
Laura Smith SJMC 

DEI Assessment/Faculty/Advisory

Denise McGill  SJMC SJMC Diversity Committe/Advisory
Jeff Williams SJMC AAF Board/Faculty/Planning, Advisory 
Carmen Maye SJMC Faculty/Planning/Policies
George Fetner CIC   Graduate Recruitment
Staff/Planning/ Advisory

Ad Hoc

Rebekah Friedman, CIC Director of Communications
Michaela Taylor, CIC Visual Communications Manager
Patty Hall, CIC Webmaster
Pierre D'Autel, CIC IT Admin/Building Manager
Christopher (C.J.) Faulk, CIC Coordinator
Rachel Rolli, CIC Executive Assistant to the Dean
Rushondra James, CIC Assistant Dean for Student Services

Ex Officio

Brooke McKeever, CIC Associate Dean for Research
Kim Thompson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Shirley Carter, CIC Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Andrea Hickerson, SJMC Director & CIC Associate Dean
Tom Reichert, CIC Dean                         

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