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Department of Philosophy

Other Lectures

The 2020 Barnes Symposium was postponed to a date and time TBA.

The Department often co-sponsors or otherwise participates in other lectures around the university.  For upcoming events of this sort, please see the departmental calendar.

Past Lectures


April  15, 2021
Michael Wear
"The People Our Politics Needs: Christian Resources for a Healthier Politics"
Rudy Barnes Sr. Symposium


Dec 4, 2020
Simon Caney
University of Warwick
"Justice, Political Responsibilities and Climate Change"


April 10, 2018
Dr. Mario Del Pero
SciencesPo of Paris
“The Lessons of Bosnia and the Rediscovery of Good and Just Wars”

April 13, 2018
Jimmy Hepburn
“Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Objective Morality”


February 12, 2016
Alex Piquero
University of Texas-Dallas
“The Immigration Crime Myth”

April 15, 2016
Mary Louise Gill
“Aristotle’s Hylomorphism in Metaphysics Theta”

September 8, 2016
Anita Allen
University of Pennsylvania
“Privacy or Art? Why American Courts Value Artistic Expression Over the Privacy of our Homes”


January 29, 2015
Anne Marie Slaughter
Princeton University
“Leading from the Center”

March 5, 2015
Verity Harte
“Plato’s Philebus and the Value of Idle Pleasure”

April 4, 2015
Philip C. Brown
Ohio State University
“The Dam that Would Not Die: Experts, Democratization and Local Priorities in Post-War Japan”


March 21, 2014
Gretchen Reydams-Schils
University of Notre Dame
“On Becoming Like God in Platonism and Stoicism”

March 27, 2014
Jeremy Waldon
“Deep Morality and the Laws of War”

April 11, 2014
Cheryl A. Logan
University of North Carolina- Greensboro
“Hormones, Race, and Eugenics: Flexibility Heredity in Interwar Vienna”

April 28, 2014
Tim Berra
Ohio State University
“Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man”


September 3, 2013
Mary Battle and John White
College of Charleston
“The Lowcountry Digital History Initiative” “White Intimidation and Violence against African Americans in South Carolina, 1955-1965: A Digital Public History Exhibition”

October 10, 2013
Ted Underwood
University of Illinois
“Can Mining a Million Books Tell Us Anything New?”

November 8, 2013
Paul McLean
“A Social Network Analysis of Patronage and Personal Lending in the Florentine Renaissance”

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