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Department of Philosophy


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Past Colloquia


February 12
J. Brian Pitts
Universities of Lincoln, South Carolina and Cambridge
"Energy Conservation and/or General Relativity" (flyer)

March 5
Katja Vogt
Columbia University
"Three Euthyphro Problems" (flyer)

April  16
Aaron Meskin
University of Georgia
"Toward a Third Place Aesthetics: The Experience of Cafes, Coffeeshops, Bars and Pubs" (flyer)

July 16
Shawn Standefer
Slovak Academy of Sciences
"The Universal Generalization Problem and Informational Screening"

September 10
Claire Kirwin
Clemson University
How to Decide What to Do (flyer)

October 15
Trevor Pearce
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Experimental Ethics: Pragmatism, Evolution, and Social Reform (flyer)


February 3
Agnes Bolinska
Cambridge University
"The Case for Epistemic Representation" (abstract)

February 10
Casey Helgeson
Pennsylvania State University
"Why Simpler Computer Simulation Models Can be Epistemically Better for Informing Decisions"

February 17
Naftali Weinberger
Munich Institute for Mathematical Philosophy
"Measuring Racial Discrimination: A Case Study in Causal Methodology"

February 28
Christopher Bartel
Appalachian State University
"The Myth of the Innocent Ear: Three Debates in Perception and the Experience of Musical Pitch"

September 4
Chris Cuomo
University of Georgia
Viola Cordova: An American Philosopher for Our Times (flyer)

Oct 2
Jennifer Baker
College of Charleston
Behavioral Science and Virtue Ethics (flyer)

Nov 6
Robert Miner
Baylor University
"Honesty and Authenticity" (flyer)

Dec 11
Gillian Russell
Dianoia Institute of Philosophy, ACU, Melbourne
"Anti-exceptionalism and Feminist Logic?" (flyer)


February 4
Jonathan Gingerich
University of Washington, St. Louis
“Freedom Beyond Choice”  (flyer)

February 11
Kathryn Lindeman
St. Louis University
"Rawls and Legal Reasons" (flyer)

February 18
Gregory Robson

University of Arizona
"Justice and Experiments in Living" (flyer)

March 1
Julia Bursten
University of Kentucky
"Scale Separation, Scale Dependence, and Multiscale Modeling in the Physical Sciences" (flyer)

March 18
Tyke Nunez
"Kant and the Vicious Circle:  Kant's Account of Particular Causal Cognition"

May 1 (Rosamond Kent Sprague Lecture)
Edward Halper
"Aristotle's Metaphysics as a Ruling Science"  (flyer)

September 13
Ian Mcready-Flora
"The Reckoning Animal: Rationality in Aristotle" (flyer)

October 18
Duncan Purves
"Unjust Enrichment and the Consumption of Animal Products" (flyer)

November 12
Dina Mendonca
"A Deweyan Take on the Role of Immersion for Minds" (flyer)

Dec 6
Brookes Brown
"Do I Hvae a Duty to Read the News?" (flyer)

February 2, 2018
Robert Hopkins
New York University
“Ryle-ing the Irreal: Sensory Imaging as Knowing about Sensing”

March 23, 2018
Keith DeRose
“The Limits of the Free Will Defense”

March 30, 2018
Alloy S. Ihuah
Benue State University
Aristotle’s Bifurcation of Reality and Asouzu’s “Ibuanyidanda Ontology”

April 20, 2018
Barry Loewer
“The Consequence Argument Meets the Mentaculus”

September 21, 2018
Mariska Leunissen
UNC Chapel Hill
“Credence, Circumstantial Evidence, and (Alternative) Facts”

October 12, 2018
Kevin Richardson
NC State University
“Do the Laws of Semantics Lie?” 

November 16, 2018
Melissa Seymour Fahmy
University of Georgia
“How to Have Good Kantian Sex” (flyer)


February 10, 2017
Mark Wilson
University of Pittsburgh
“When Words Go Wrong”

February 23, 2017
Troy Jollimore
California State University, Chico
“Love and Reasons”


January 22, 2016
Sam Newlands
University of Notre Dame
“Spinoza, Leibniz, and the Metaphysics of Perfection”

March 25, 2016
R. Lanier Anderson
Stanford University
“Kantian Analyticity and the Critique of Metaphysics”

April 1, 2016
Michael Dunne
Maynooth University
Peter of Ireland: Teacher of Aquinas

April 22, 2016
Herlinde Pauer-Studer
“Law and Morality under Distorted Conditions”


September 11, 2015
Jeff Sebo
UNC Chapel Hill
“Moral Status and the Ethics of Uncertainty”

November 20, 2015
Alyssa Ney
UC Davis
“Are the Questions of Metaphysics More Fundamental Than Those of Science?”


January 31, 2014
Clinton Tolley
“The Systematic Importance of Kant’s Distinction between Cognition and Knowledge”

April 4, 2014
Martin Pickave
University of Toronto
“Why can a blind person not have knowledge of colors? On a puzzling example in Thomas Aquinas”


September 6, 2013
Aaron Simmons
Furman University
“Continental Contributions to the Epistemology of Theology”

September 27, 2013
Amy Schmitter
University of Alberta
“What Do Women Want in a Feminist History of Philosophy”

November 22, 2013
Molly Gardner
UNC Chapel Hill
“Counterfactuals, Harm, and Selecting for Disability”

December 11, 2013
Joseph Boyle
“What Intentional’ in ‘Intentional Action’ Refers to, and how We Know It”

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