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Department of Mathematics

Math Placement

All students must meet the prerequisite for any MATH course that they take at UofSC. For some courses this prerequisite is met after taking one of the two versions of the Math Placement Test. These tests allow students to gauge how their math skills translate into each relevant course.

Coming Soon: New Version of the Test

The Math Placement Test is being upgraded. The new version of the test will be a single test rather than two separate tests as in the current test. The new test will replace the current test on June 2, 2022. At that time, instructions for accessing the new test will be provided here.

For registration and advising, either the score on the current tests or the score on the new test can be used to satisfy the requirements to register for classes. 

Compatible Web Browser

Until the new test is available, note that some browsers no longer accept the encryption ciphers the old test server offers. If you cannot access the test with your usual browser, try using Firefox 73. Detailed instructions are on our Compatible Web Browser page.


Which Test Should I Take?

  • The PreCalculus Placement Test covers high school–level pre-Calculus and Trigonometry. If your program requires MATH 141, you need to take this test.
  • The Algebra Placement Test covers high school–level Algebra II. If your program requires MATH 122, you need to take this test.
  • If your program allows you to choose between MATH 141 and MATH 122 there are two options
    • if you are undecided about which course you will take, we recommend you take both versions. (It's best to take the Algebra version before taking the Precalculus version.)
    • If you know which MATH course you will take, take the corresponding version of the MPT as described on the first two lines.



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