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College Committees

The College of Arts and Sciences has established a number of committees to advise the Office of the Dean and encourage collaborative participation among faculty,  staff, and administrators.  Additionally, elected faculty from each CAS academic unit represent the college in the university's Faculty Senate.

APCG members meet monthly and provide advice to the Dean’s Office on a variety of issues related to academic planning for the future as well as curriculum planning, including enhancing interdisciplinarity, new degree programs, and curriculum innovation. This group works with the dean and associate deans to enhance the educational quality of our academic offerings.

Membership consists of one elected faculty member per department and academic program.

  • African-American Studies, Deena Isom-Scott
  • Anthropology, Sherina Feliciano-Santos
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice, Bobby Brame
  • English, Elaine Chun
  • Film and Media Studies, Lauren Steimer
  • Geography, Caroline Nagel
  • Global Studies, Agnes Mueller
  • History, Allison Marsh
  • Linguistics, Anne Bezuidenhout
  • Mathematics, Douglas Meade
  • Philosophy, Justin Weinberg
  • Physics and Astronomy, Brett Altschul
  • Political Science, Katherine Barbieri
  • Religious Studies, Marco Geslani
  • School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment, Lori Ziolkowski
  • School of Visual Art and Design, Simon Tarr
  • Sociology, Jennifer Augustine
  • Southern Studies, Matthew Simmons
  • Statistics, Tracey Gunter
  • Theatre and Dance, Tanya Wideman-Davis
  • Women's and Gender Studies, Emily Mann
  • Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Judith Kalb
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry, Leslie Lovelace
  • Jewish Studies, Saskia Coenen Snyder
  • Biological Sciences, Daniel Speiser

The Dean’s Advisory Group (DAG) consists of tenure-track faculty, professional faculty, and staff across the disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences.  Each member is appointed for a 1-year term and meets every other week with the dean.  DAG works with the dean to advise the Dean on a variety of issues pertinent to the College’s goals. The focus for this year will be on “big ideas” and directions for the CAS over the next five years.

2021-2022 Dean’s Advisory Group
  • Joel H. Samuels, Dean
  • Rebecca Boyd, Staff - SVAD
  • Kate Flory, Professor - Psychology
  • Jennifer Frey, Associate Professor - Philosophy
  • Pat Gehrke, Professor - English
  • Gwen Geidel, Research Professor - SEOE
  • Andrew Graciano, Professor - SVAD
  • Yvonne Ivory, Associate Professor - LLC
  • Susan Lang, Associate Professor - SEOE
  • Leslie Lovelace, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Wayne Outten, Professor - Chemistry
  • Fabienne Poulain, Assistant Professor - Biological Sciences
  • Beth Powell, Staff - Physics and Astronomy
  • Ronda Sanders, Senior Instructor - Statistics
  • Todd Shaw, Associate Professor - Political Science
  • Mark Smith, Professor - History
  • Eric Tappa, Staff - SEOE

The Distributed Learning (DL) Advisory Board consists of tenure-track and professional faculty from the college’s departments and programs, as well as representatives from the dean’s office. The group provides the dean’s office and college with recommendations and best practice guidelines for online course and program development.

The following members are serving in the first 2-year term on the CAS DL Advisory Board:

  • African American Studies, Kim Simmons (Associate Professor)
  • Biological Sciences, Andy Schumpert (Instructor)
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry, Amy Taylor Perry (Senior Instructor)
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice, Hayden Smith (Professor)
  • English Language & Lit / SPCH, Patrick J. Gehrke (Professor)
  • Film and Media Studies, Lauren Steimer (Associate Professor)
  • Geography, Jean Ellis (Associate Professor)
  • History, Allison Marsh (Associate Professor)
  • Languages, Lit & Cultures, Alanna Breen (Senior Instructor)
  • Mathematics, Matt Boylan (Professor)
  • Political Science, Matthew Wilson (Associate Professor )
  • Psychology, Jessica Green (Associate Professor)
  • Psychology, Beth Myers (Instructor)
  • School of Visual Art & Design, Sara Schneckloth (Professor)
  • Sociology, Hanne van der Iest (Co-Chair) (Instructor)
  • Statistics, Brian Habing (Associate Professor)
  • Theatre & Dance, Stephanie Milling (Professor)
  • Women's and Gender Studies, Dawn Campbell (Instructor)
  • CAS Dean’s Office, Claudia Benitez-Nelson (Associate Dean)
  • CAS Dean’s Office, Christy Friend (Associate Dean)
  • CAS Dean’s Office, Lydia Frass (Program Manager)

The CAS Diversity Committee includes faculty, students and staff representatives from throughout the college's departments and programs. Members focus on recruitment, retention, advancement, engagement, and training.  Please see the Diversity and Inclusion website for a complete list of current members and other ongoing activities.

The Faculty Senate is a governing body established by the Board of Trustees with representative faculty members selected by each college or school. Senators are elected for a three-year term in the spring, with the term beginning with the fall semester.  Every faculty member has the right to attend and address the senate, but only senators may vote.

 Aerospace Studies
(See Naval Science)

David Simmons (2024)

Biological Sciences
Joshua Stone (2023)
Kristy Welshhans (2023)
Mingli Xu (2023)
Melissa Ellermann (2024)

Chemistry & Biochemistry
John Lavigne (2023)
Hui Wang (2023)
Morgan Stefik (2024)

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Michael Dowdy (2024)
Ed Madden (2023)
Hannah Rule (2023)
Rebecca Stern (2023)
Mark Minett (2024)

Caroline Nagel (2024)

Kent Germany (2023)
Carol Harrison (2024)

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Jason Osborne (2023)
Parrish Wright (2024)
Ashley Williard (2024)

Frank Thorne (2023)
Changhui Tan (2023)
Daniel Dix (2024)

Military Science (Army)
(See Naval Science)

Naval Science
Captain John Compton (2024)

Kathryn Lindeman (2024)

Physics & Astronomy
Brett Altschul (2023)
Milind Kunchur (2023)

Political Science
Kirk Randazzo (2023)
Katherine Barbieri (2024)

Amanda Fairchild (2023)
Scott Huebner (2023)

Religious Studies
Noah Gardiner (2023)

Andrea Henderson (2024)

Tracey Gunter (2024)

Theatre & Dance
Kristy Hall (2024)

School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment
Bill Stronsnider (2023)
Katherine Ryker (2023)
Erin Meyer-Gutbrod (2023)

School of Visual Art & Design
Carleen Maur (2023)
Dawn Hunter (2024)

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