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DEI Pilot Grant Program

The College of Arts & Sciences will offer a pilot grant program to academic departments and units that are degree-granting.1 (See footnotes)


The purpose of this pilot grant is to incentivize these units to pursue ground-level diversity, equity, and inclusion goals through program expansion and/or innovation/experimentation. For department-relevant DEI ideas and resources, see the AACU “Making Excellence Inclusive” webpage. The Dean’s office hopes this pilot grant will not only help to build and/or strengthen various DEI partnerships and initiatives inside and outside of the College, but that the most successful and creative of these projects will serve as models for future college-wide partnerships and initiatives.   

Total Grant Amount and Submission 

Eligible units may apply once per fiscal year for as much as $2,000.  To apply, units must submit a two-page narrative that is authored, co-authored, or at least fully endorsed by their respective unit chair or director (who must provide a brief statement of support if only endorsing the proposal of a primary applicant). CAS units that are not eligible to apply may serve as secondary, co-applicants with eligible units.2  There will be two funding cycles for this program year.  The next cycle will be in the 2023-2024 academic year. There will be two funding cycles. During the fall 2023, grant applications are due October 27, 2023 for a November 10, 2023 announcement.  Grants may cover, for example, brochures and other promotional materials; consultant fees or speaker honoraria; materials or travel related to recruitment; small equipment purchases as related to program events, research, or teaching innovations.  From the time grantees are given notice of receiving funds, they have twelve (12) calendar months to expend the funds they are allocated.  Submit applications at this link. 

Note:  All USC policies and procedures must be followed when spending the CAS DEI Pilot Grant funds, this includes purchasing regulations and use of A funds. These funds may not be used for any expense that is prohibited under university policies and procedures.  Units receiving grants will receive them commitments that the Dean's office will reimburse once the authorized amount is expended by the unit.


Application Narrative

In a two-page narrative, applicant units must propose programs or projects that either expand upon a successful, pre-existing initiative or lay new groundwork through a creative but well-conceived innovation or experiment.  A unit’s proposed project or program must benefit more than just one member of its faculty, staff, and/or student body but instead redounds to the benefit of larger unit sub-communities if not the entire unit. Application narratives must explain how the proposed project or program does one or a combination of the following: (a) increases the recruitment and/or pipeline of faculty, staff, and/or students who are women and/or from under-represented minority backgrounds; (b) improves the unit climate for and/or professional and/academic advancement of faculty, staff, and/or students who are women and/or from under-represented minority backgrounds; (c) fosters marked awareness of and engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and best practices; and/or (d) attracts or may attract additional funding or sponsorships so to sustain this program or project beyond the year it receives a DEI pilot grant. 

Note:  Click here for information on the University Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Grants. 


1. The departments and units that are eligible for application include:  1 Anthropology 2 Biological Sciences 3 Chemistry and Biochemistry 4 Criminology and Criminal Justice 5 Earth, Ocean and Environment, School of 6 English Language and Literature 7 Geography 8 History 9 Languages, Literatures and Cultures 10 Mathematics 11 Philosophy 12 Physics and Astronomy 13 Political Science 14 Psychology 15 Religious Studies 16 Sociology 17 Statistics 18 Theatre and Dance 19 Visual Art and Design, School of 20 African American Studies & Research, Institute for 21 Film and Media Studies 22 Jewish Studies 23 Linguistics Program 24 Southern Studies 25 Walker Institute 26 Women's and Gender Studies Program. 

2. Ann Johnson Institute 2 Baruch Institute 3 Bioethics, 4 Center for Civil Rights History and Research, Center for 5 Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network 6 Dance Program 7 Electron Microscopy 8 Humanities Collaborative 9 McKissick Museum 10 Mind and Brain, Institute for 11 MPA Program 12 Museum Management 13 ROTC Air Force 14 ROTC Army 15 ROTC Navy 16 SCIAA 17 Center for Science Education

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