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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Contributing Graduate Faculty

The faculty listed below were members of USC's School of the Environment (1995-2011), and retain a strong interest in areas related to environment and sustainability. These faculty continue to be important participants in the SEOE through seminars, course offerings and service on MEERM graduate committees.

Name Department Email Keywords
James Barilla English Language & Literature tag1,tag2
Abdel Bayoumi Mechanical Engineering  
Charles Blake SOM-Cell Bio & Anatomy   
Gregory Carbone Geography  
Joanna Casey Anthropology  
G. Thomas Chandler Environmental Health Sciences  
M Hanif Chaudhry  Civil and Environmental Engineering   
Charles R. Clymer  Terracon, Inc.    
Cuizhen Susan Wang Geography   
F James Cumberland Jr  Law    
Susan Cutter  Geography    
Alan Decho Environmental Health Sciences   
Andrew Dyer  Biology & Geology - USC Aiken    
Joshua Eagle  Law School   
Don Edwards Statistics    
Berten Ely  Biological Sciences   
Charles Feigley  Environmental Health Sciences  
Paula Feldman English Language & Literature   
Robert Feller  Biological Sciences    
John Ferry  Chemistry and Biochemistry   
Joseph Flora  Civil and Environmental Engineering   
Davis Folsom  Business, USC Beaufort    
Bob Friedman Biological Sciences    
Christy Friend  English Language & Literature   
Francis Gadala-Maria Chemical Engineering   
Scott Goode  Chemistry and Biochemistry   
Julian Green  Geology, USC Upstate    
Sarah Michele Harmon Biology & Geology - USC Aiken   
James Hebert  Epidemiology and Biostatistics   
April Hiscox  Geography    
Michael Hodgson  Geography    
Jasim Imran  Civil and Environmental Engineering   
Kenneth Kelly Anthropology    
Jamil Khan  Mechanical Engineering   
Thomas Leatherman Anthropology   
David Linnan Law School   
Laszio Marton Biological Sciences   
Michael Matthews Chemical and Biomedical Engineering   
Anthony McAnally  Civil and Environmental Engineering    
Douglas Meade Mathematics    
Michael Meadows  Civil and Environmental Engineering   
Jerry Mitchell  Geography   
Cary Mock  Geography   
John Nelson  Biological Sciences   
Sean Norman  Environmental Health Sciences   
Walter Peters Mechanical Engineering    
Charles Pierce  Civil and Environmental Engineering   
William Pirkle Dir. of Sponsored Research - USC Aiken    
Branko Popov  Chemical Engineering   
Lynne Rhodes  English - USC Aiken   
James Ritter Chemical Engineering   
Sarah Rothenberg  Environmental Health Sciences   
Roger  Sawyer  Biological Sciences   
Todd Scarlett  Biology - USC Lancaster   
Timothy Shaw  Chemistry and Biochemistry   
Harry Shealy Biology & Geology - USC Aiken   
Garriet Smith  Biology - USC Aiken    
Jim Sweigart  Darla Moore School of Business    
Stephen Thompson Education    
Hong Wang  Mathematics    
John Weidner  Chemical Engineering   
Kathleen Whitcomb Darla Moore School of Business   
Laura Woliver  Political Science    
Douglas Woodward  Darla Moore School of Business    

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