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College of Arts and Sciences

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A Foundation for Your Future

Your major is only part of your story. During your years in the College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll build skills inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll learn to think critically, solve problems, work with others and lead. Through personal experience and through the examples of your professors and peers, you will be prepared to succeed in your chosen career. 

An education in the College of Arts and Sciences will help you build the skills that the Forbes Human Resources Council says employers value most. 

A growth mindset

Employers want to hire people who look for ways to grow professionally and personally.   

Continuous learning

Agile learners have a better chance at long-term success. 

Critical thinking

Businesses look for innovative problem solvers. 

Adaptability and grit

Overcoming obstacles builds confidence. 

Resilience and curiosity 

Curious people pursue new concepts with passion. 


Employees who adapt with changing circumstances can stay ahead. 


Effective workers do what’s best for their teams. 

Coaching mindset

Effective leaders connect, engage and collaborate. 

Comfort with ambiguity

Versatile workers are comfortable with constantly shifting situations. 

Ability to thrive in a virtual environment

Tomorrow’s workers know how to leverage responsiveness, technology and visibility in remote roles. 


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.