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Professional Programs

We educate and train many of our state’s doctors, lawyers and pharmacists.

Law School

School of Law

We have been training lawyers, judges, lawmakers and governors since 1867 and have remained true to our mission of teaching law through in-depth study, while supporting research by faculty and staff that frequently is used to improve the lives of others through legal reform.

Medical School

School of Medicine Columbia

For more than 30 years, our School of Medicine has been a leader in primary care education, pioneering research and providing humanistic patient care. Our students are immediately introduced to real-world health care settings and situations to make them master clinicians committed to patient care. We also provide excellent health care to our communities through our hospital partnerships.

School of Medicine Greenville

School of Medicine Greenville

After 20 years of training many of our third- and fourth-year medical students, Prisma Health–Upstate, formerly known as Greenville Health System, partnered with us to create a whole new school serving the Upstate of South Carolina and beyond. We are one of just two medical schools in the country that trains you as an EMT in the first six weeks of your medical education. This introduction to the world of medicine and real patient care skills is the foundation for your medical education.

Pharmacy School

College of Pharmacy 

The College of Pharmacy began educating pharmacists more than 150 years ago. From 2004 to 2015, the university partnered with the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Today, both universities are home to independently accredited programs working to educate the next generation of industry leaders and address the pharmacy needs of South Carolinians for years to come.

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Arnold School of Public Health

As the primary public health research and education resource for the citizens of South Carolina, the Arnold School of Public Health prepares the next generation of professional practitioners to serve in communities as physical therapists, speech pathologists, and athletic trainers.