Caslen Releases Strategic Priorities for Spring Semester

January 8, 2020

University of South Carolina President Bob Caslen this week released a list of priorities for the Spring semester. These priorities focus on moving the university and state forward by building strong relationships across the community, strengthening university processes and governance, and establishing new partnerships and boosting existing ones.

“We have tremendous opportunities ahead of us at the University of South Carolina,” said Caslen. “This list of priorities will guide my team's work with students, researchers and members of the faculty alike to make this great university the preeminent flagship institution in the nation.”

The president’s priorities for the semester include:

  1. Continue building strong relationships with students, faculty, staff and alumni. I’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful members of the University community and hope to engage with many more in the weeks and months ahead.
  1. Continue our strategic planning process. Develop goals and objectives and metrics for each strategic priority, then align programs and resources according to goals and objectives.
  1. Hire and on-board the executive staff. We have several key positions that still need to be filled, including Provost and Chief Diversity Officer.
  1. Work closely with our Board of Trustees and the Association of Governing Boards as they discuss ways to strengthen board governance, including enhanced training for members.
  1. Continue to build strong relationships with elected state officials as we begin the new legislative cycle.
  1. Explore additional research partnerships with the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, including the Army Futures Command’s Power Center, the SC Cyber Institute, and the Savannah River Laboratory.
  1. Build and implement a trial program for outreach and service partnerships with our state’s high schools. As I traveled the state several months ago, leaders from several school districts were anxious to work with us to create programs that help underserved students achieve college readiness.
  1. Set the conditions for a successful transition to the new budget model. That means ensuring we have identified both intended and potential unintended consequences of the new model and provided appropriate training to staff. 

Last semester, Caslen also began soliciting feedback from the entire university community on a set of long-term strategic priorities, and mission and vision statement.