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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Required High School Courses

Students seeking admission as freshmen are expected to meet the minimum college prep high school core course curriculum required by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

English - 4 units

  • 4 units with strong reading, writing, communicating and research
  • Recommended that 2 of the 4 units are literature based, including American, British and World literature
  • College prep English I, II, III and IV meet requirement

Mathematics - 4 units

  • Algebra I*
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Fourth higher level unit selected among Algebra III, pre-calculus, calculus, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, or computer science**

 Laboratory science - 3 units

  • 2 units from different fields: biology, chemistry, physics or earth science
  • 1 additional unit from biology, chemistry, physics or earth science or any other laboratory science with biology, chemistry, physics and/or earth science as a prerequisite***

Social studies - 3 units

  • 1 unit U.S. history
  • ½ unit economics
  • ½ unit government
  • 1 unit world history or geography strongly recommended

 Foreign language - 2 units

  • Both units must be in the same language

Fine arts - 1 unit

  •  Art appreciation, art history or performance in one of the fine arts

Academic electives - 2 units

  • 2 units of college-preparatory coursework****
  • Computer science with significant programming content recommended


*Foundations in algebra and intermediate algebra may count together as a substitute for Algebra I if a student successfully completes Algebra II.

**Computer science should involve significant programming content, not simply keyboarding or using applications.

***Courses in general science or introductory science for which one of these four units is not a prerequisite will not meet this requirement.

****Alternative electives include college-preparatory courses in English, fine arts, foreign languages, social science, humanities, mathematics and laboratory science (for which biology, chemistry, physics or earth science is a prerequisite).

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