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Student Disability Resource Center

Semester Checklist

Before Classes Begin:

  • Log in to AIM and submit your Faculty Notification Letters to be sent to your professors (FNLs)
  • If approved for a note taker or alternative format books, submit your online request
  • If approved for a Smartpen, call to schedule this appointment at 803-777-6142
  • If approved for a Reduced Course Load, submit your online request

Beginning of the Semester:

  • Talk with your professors about how your accommodations will be handled in each class
  • Finalize your schedule. Be aware of the Drop/Add Deadline dates before a grade of “W” or “WF” is recorded
  • Keep up with a planner with all your assignments’ due dates
  • Review your syllabi and schedule all tests for the semester in advance

Middle of the Semester:

  • Remain in contact with professors about classwork and attendance
  • Be ready for class registration:
    • Meet with your academic advisor for your major
    • Check your account for any holds
    • The SDRC cannot remove any holds or override you into courses
    • Make sure your account reflects the correct registration date
    • Register for classes

End of the Semester:

  • If you have not already scheduled your finals, do so at least 2 weeks prior to the semester ending
  • Seniors do your Senior Check
  • Return any assistive technology that you may have borrowed from the SDRC

Throughout the Semester:

  • Check in with your coordinator to discuss any struggles you are facing and possible solutions
  • Request test proctoring services at least 5 business days before the exam
  • Attend class regularly
  • If you think you are being denied accommodations, let your coordinator know immediately


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