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Student Disability Resource Center

The Logistics

As the process of our Alternative Testing service may seem challenging, here's a breakdown to help ease the understanding of this.  


Faculty Notification Letters

Faculty Notification Letters state that your student is registered with the SDRC and provide a letter with the approved accommodations the student may use.  This may include extended test time.

It is the student's responsibility to request that we provide this letter to you on their behalf.  If your student needs assistance with requesting this, please make them aware of the Student Faculty Notification Letter guidance page

Students who may not have previously used extended test time may later receive this accommodation if found appropriate by their coordinator.  This may cause an additional Notification Letter to be sent to you.

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Extended Exam Time Accommodation

For your student receiving the extending time accommodation (either time and a half [1.5X] or double time [2X]), please understand this extended time would be in addition to the amount of time all other students receive for the exam.

For example, if the test time for all of your students is 60 minutes:

  • a student with the 1.5X accommodation would receive 90 minutes
  • a student with the 2X accommodation would receive 120 minutes. 

Reminder: Students approved through the SDRC for testing accommodations have three (3) exam options to choose from to implement this accommodation:

  1. Take the exam with the class.
  2. Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations arranged by the professor.
  3. Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations in the SDRC Test Proctoring Suite.

Students with online tests that have not been adjusted to match their extended time accommodation have been instructed to log out immediately and email both the professor and the testing coordinator.

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Alternative Testing Agreement

As the instructor, you are responsible for completing the Alternative Testing Agreement for students to receive their approved testing accommodations.  This Agreement is necessary only once per semester per course. 

If you teach multiple sections of a course, you have the ability to save time by copying Agreement information of one course section to another section of the same course.

Review through the "Alternative Testing Agreement" FAQs for more details.

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AIM Instructor Portal

The instructor portal is the “one-stop shop” that provides you all of your students that are registered with SDRC and their approved accommodations, which may include testing accommodations. 

Review through the "Instructor Portal" FAQs for more details.

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Alternative Testing Procedure: From Providing to Collecting

Figuring out the best way to provide your upcoming test and collect the completed test may be a challenge at times.  Let's break it down.

Providing Exam for Student

To initiate the process and schedule an exam proctoring session, your student must request their exam through AIM Student portal.

If the student needs to take the test at a different time due to class schedule conflicts or proctoring availability, the student will have to obtain permission from the instructor to test at a different time.

You will receive a confirmation email with the student's appointment for their proctored test and instructions on how to proceed, including a link to upload the exam.

  • You must submit the exam to our office by 12 noon the day before your student's test is to be administered.  If we have not received an exam for your student by this deadline, the student will have to reschedule the exam.
  • The exam can be uploaded through AIM Instructor Portalemailed to Test Proctoring account, or delivered to our Test Proctoring Suite in Close-Hipp, Suite 203.  
  • For Scantrons, we will accept them from faculty and keep them on a file associated with your name.  We do not provide or store our own Scantrons.
  • If your student needs enlarged print, please provide a Word document so we can make the appropriate accommodations.
  • Students requiring exams in Braille or an alternate format will be accommodated on a case by case basis.
  • If students are unclear about exam instructions, the test proctor will follow the instructions provided by the professor on the Alternative Testing Agreement. If a cell phone or email is provided, please be prepared to answer in real time.
  • If a student arrives late for a test, the test proctor reserves the right to require the student to reschedule the test with the professor.
  • If a student is caught cheating or suspected of cheating, the student will be referred directly to the Office of Student Conduct and the professor will be notified.
Collecting the Completed Exam

Instructors can receive the completed test:

  • through e-mail as a PDF file attachment
  • by pick up from Close-Hipp, Suite 203 (you can also designate a representative to pick up the exam)
    • Professors and/or designees are required to sign for the exam and are required to present an I.D.
  • through campus mail
    • SDRC assumes no responsibility for lost tests.

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