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Student Disability Resource Center

Instructor Alternative Testing FAQs

Alternative Testing is an important accommodation for students who are registered with the SDRC. This page will help answer many questions regarding the Alternative Testing process. 

Alternative Testing FAQs


Refer to the Alternative Testing Guidelines to understand how we can best work together for your student.  

Alternative Testing Agreement FAQs

As this Alternative Testing Agreement is necessary to complete for your student to receive testing accommodations, let's break it down for you. 

Please review our short Alternative Testing Agreement guide [PDF] to learn how to complete this most appropriately. 

The Agreement is:

  • to help you better understand this service, whether for an in-person test (monitored in SDRC test proctoring suite) or online test (via Blackboard or another LMS). 
  • to help us better understand how you set up your classes and exams. 
  • only needed to be filled out once per semester per unique course that you teach. 
    • For example, if you teach UNIV 101-001 and UNIV 101-002, if the courses are identical in nature, you can copy the Agreement to the second class for you. 
  • to provide additional information regarding the SDRC's policies and procedures. 
  • to fill out and submit to us whether your course is online or in-person. This allows your student to schedule their exam and for us to provide you a notification and reminders about their approved accommodations. 

The Alternative Testing Agreement can be found at the bottom of the Faculty Notification Letter you received for that student. Alternatively, you can log into the Instructor AIM Portal and complete any agreements within our online portal.

As a reminder, for example, if you already completed the agreement for UNIV 101-001 you will not be prompted to complete the agreement again on the Faculty Notification Letter. 

We are requesting you to fill out the Alternative Testing Agreement, even if your course is online. This allows students the opportunity to still "schedule" their exams with our office, and you will receive notifications and reminders about their approved accommodations.

If you do not have timed quizzes, tests, or exams of any kind in your class, you would not need to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement.

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Instructor Portal FAQs

The Instructor Portal allows you to see all students in their class(es) who are registered with the SDRC. if you have multiple course sections, this is a great one-stop shop to view accommodations. 

You have access to view all of your students' accommodations, submit Alternative Testing Agreement for student testing accommodations, upload exams we will proctor, provide your course syllabus, and more!

  1. Sign into AIM Instructor Portal.  Log in with your university credentials which will include the Duo Authentication process.
  2. Click “Continue to View Student Accommodations” button.  Please read the FERPA Confidentiality Statement before clicking this button.
  3. View the overview of student(s) that receive Alternative Testing accommodations on the main page.  This is displayed under "List of Students Who Requested Accommodation."  Students with Yes displayed in the Exam column represents their Alternative Testing accommodation.
    (Click screenshot below to enlarge its size.) 
    Screenshot of list of students who requested accommodation.  Example view as course information and student full names in table are hidden.
  4. Filter list to display students receiving specific testing accommodations (e.g., extra time, large print).  This can be helpful if you have a large number of students registered with us.
    1. Click "Search Students' Eligibilities" link on the top of the page beside the "Accommodation Requests" link. 
      Screenshot of Search Student Eligibilities link beside Accommodation Requests
    2. Click the large button link, "Click to Expand Advanced Search Panel," under List Students' Eligibilities sub-title.
      Screenshot of Click to Expand Advanced Search Panel shown under List Students' Eligibilities
    3. Select preferred accommodations within Alternative Testing section (e.g., Extra Time 1.50x, Extra Time 2.00x, Enlarged Print).
    4. Click Search button.

The easiest way to see who in your course that receives extended time is to log in to the AIM Instructor Portal.

  • Follow steps under the Instructor Portal section related to accessing and signing into the Instructor Portal.

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Extended Time and Other Related FAQs

View the Test Availability Options in Blackboard video for visual guidance.

  1. Log into Blackboard and find the exam you need to add accommodations for.
  2. Select the gray-colored down arrow next to the exam/assignment and choose "Edit the Test Options."
  3. Scroll down to "Test Availability Exceptions" section.
  4. Click "Add User or Group."
  5. Search for the student's name (you may select multiple students at this point) and click "Submit."
  6. The student names will appear under this section.
  7. Finally, adjust any exceptions, like the Timer to adjust for extended time.
  8. Click "Submit."

While the SDRC is most familiar with Blackboard, we are certainly willing to help you figure out how to adjust time or other accommodations for students who need it. 

  • According to the Office of the Provost, "Be flexible. The length of time a student sits and views a computer screen can be problematic and students may need to use the restroom or stretch during a long exam. Clearly communicate expectations in a timely manner to all students (e.g., who to contact for technical issues, how the exam will be proctored, technology requirements, testing platform).You can read more FAQ's from the Office of the Provost.
  • One recommendation the SDRC has is to have the student create an index card that says "Taking my approved bathroom/break." When the student needs to utilize their accommodation, they can hold up the index card for a few moments and then use the bathroom/break. If their test/recording is "flagged" for activity, instructors will be able to see the student holding up the index card regarding their approved accommodation. 
  • Respondus is a fully automated solution that uses a student’s webcam to record and analyze student’s exam sessions.
  • Respondus uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to look for unusual movement on the recordings of students taking exams.
  • Instructors can view results according to the risk that exam violations have occurred.
  • Yes.  Extended time accommodations are needed on top of the amount of time that you are giving the rest of the class. If all students are receiving 30 minutes, students with time and a half would still need 45 minutes. 
  • "Because the class was given 5 hours to complete the exam and the student in question was given the same amount of time to complete the exam as her nondisabled peers, the college did not provide the student the testing modification of time and a half that it had determined she needed because of her disability. Because the college failed to provide the student with time and a half of the exam... the college did not comply with Section 504 with respect to the issue investigated." OCR Reference No. 10092092.

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