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Office of the Vice President for Research


Call for Submissions

Caravel accepts advanced, original, research-based submissions from undergraduate students from all campuses and all majors at the University of South Carolina. Graduates may submit their work within one year of graduation. If you have questions about your potential submission, please contact


Caravel publishes once per academic year in the spring. The deadline to submit is October 1st.

Copyright Concerns

Work published in Caravel may be submitted elsewhere. However, please be conscious of other journals’ policy regarding exclusivity of rights, and keep Caravel informed as to where your paper has been or may be published.

General Submission Guidelines

A complete submission includes:

  1. Abstract and submission piece with references (uploaded as one document)
  2. Author biographical information
  3. Author headshot
  4. Documents uploaded to the online submission form
  5. Faculty approval form (submitted separately to 

Note: Submissions will be reviewed anonymously. Only submission title (or abbreviated title) should be included on the abstract and submission piece itself. Names must be included on the bio.

Submission Types 

Submission Length and Formatting

  • Maximum of 10 pages
  • Typed, standard 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced
  • doc or docx
  • Special exceptions may be granted

Figures, Tables, and Images

  • All color must be in cmyk
  • Tables, figures, and images should be .jpg, .pdf, or .gif
  • Position tables/figures/images in the document as submitted and attach each image as separate files
  • For each figure there should be a (1) figure number indicating the sequence of the figures, (2) a short title for the figure (15 words max), (3) and a description of the figure or photograph (300-word max)

Submission Length and Formatting

  • Typed, standard 12-point font
  • doc or docx
  • Poetry may include a single poem or group of poems
  • A group of poems must have a single title
  • If text formatting is key to the submission, please submit a second file in pdf format

Submission Length and Formatting

  • Paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, etc.
  • Color or black & white photographs
  • 300dpi; Sin x 7in Pdf, jpg, gif, tiff, png

Submission Length and Formatting

  • MP3, AIFF, WAV, and link to a URL
  • Email for additional options

Submission Length and Formatting

  • Maximum of 2,000 words (exclusive of notes and stage directions)
  • Typed, standard 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced
  • doc or docx
  • If text formatting is key to the submission, please submit a second file in pdf format

Abstract/Descriptive Summary

All submissions must include an abstract or descriptive summary, even if the primary medium for the submission is not textual (e.g., a video, graphic, or audio presentation).

  • Maximum of 500 words
  • Single-spaced, standard 12-point font
  • Formats: doc or docx

Abstracts should:

  • State, in clear terms, the central research question and the purpose of the research.
  • Provide a brief discussion of the research methodology.
  • State conclusions, either final or anticipated.
  • Be well organized.

Abstracts for creative submissions should address the goals, focus, motivations, meaning, background, and/or context for a work or body of work and if appropriate, the technical methods used to create the piece. 

Author Biographical Information

Biographical information of the author(s) should be presented in first person in fluidic, paragraph form.
Maximum of 300 words
Single-spaced, standard 12-point font
Biographical information should include:

  • Hometown, State or Country
  • Academic year (or when graduated)
  • Major(s), minor(s)
  • Special honors or awards (Magellan Scholar, Mini-Grant, Voyager, SURF, ESP, SCAMP, McNair)
  • If graduated, where you are now and what you are doing
  • If not graduated, your next steps (career or professional goal, grad school, etc)
  • What was your motivation for this project (why did you choose this topic)?
  • What has been the impact of working on this project (how has this experience enhanced your academic, professional, and/or scholarly pursuits)?
  • Acknowledgements:
    • Thank you to your mentor
    • Thank yous or names of any others involved in research: other faculty, post docs, grad students, undergrads
    • Identification of programs critical in support of project: Magellan Scholar, mini-grant, Guarantee, or Apprentice; Honors Fellowship; TRiO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, etc.
    • A list of other venues in which this work has been presented (research conference, academic or professional event, etc.)

Author Headshot

Submit a clear, sharp, digital headshot of you in color 300dpi; jpg, gif, tiff, png. Please contact if you need a picture taken

Approval by Faculty Advisor(s)/Mentor(s)

Each submission must be reviewed and critiqued or edited by a faculty advisor/mentor prior to submission. Faculty advisor/mentor must approve the student's submission by completing a Faculty approval form (submitted separately to


Make sure all references are cited within the manuscript at the end of the document. Please follow the format most appropriate to your discipline. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures, tables, or photographs that have been previously published. Failure to cite properly is a serious academic violation of the UofSC Honor Code and will not be tolerated.

Review Criteria

Submissions are reviewed based on the following criteria (as appropriate):

  • Subject matter: understandability and logical publication format
  • Background, significance, and purpose of the research well described for a multi-disciplinary audience
  • Novelty, originality, relevance, significance, and/or impact of project
  • Well-developed research design and methodology
  • Thoughtfully interpreted and analyzed results
  • Excellent utilization of supporting materials or references

Writing Resources

For writing resources, authors are encouraged to utilize the services of a Writing Center or similar assistance on their campus prior to submission.
Aiken: Writing Center
Beaufort: Writing Center
Columbia: Writing Center
Lancaster: Writing Center
Union: Academic Success Center
Upstate: University Writing Center

Compilation of Guidelines

The following journals were used in the creation of these guidelines:
USC Upstate, The USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal (
Colorado State University, Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence (JUR) ( )
Middle TennesseeState University, Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression (
Texas A & M, Exp/orations ( Research/ExplorationsSubmissions.html)
University of Kentucky, Kaleidoscope ( )

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