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CourseLeaf Implementation Project

The University of South Carolina has partnered with Leepfrog Technologies to implement a comprehensive Content Management System called CourseLeaf.   The new system will replace the current Academic Bulletin and the Academic Programs Proposal System (APPS) web-based platforms. This page is intended to provide general information and updates about the implementation of the CourseLeaf software.


The university’s current Bulletin system and Academic Proposal System (APPS) have evolved beyond the functional, integration, and capacity needs to support its academic program records and processes. The transition to the CourseLeaf system will align with recent university-wide academic and student information system improvements.  Users can look forward to a more functional, intuitive, and engaging design that will support the current organizational practices.


Vendor and Product

Vendor Information: Leepfrog Technologies

Leepfrog Technologies has been developing custom software solutions higher education institutions for over 20 years. Their top products include the Courseleaf Catalog Management System (CAT) and the Courseleaf Curriculum Management Software (CIM). Both systems offer advanced platforms to organize and deliver academic information, while also providing reliable student information system (Banner) integration that keeps course and program data current, accurate, and in sync across all systems.


Product Information: CourseLeaf Catalog Management System & CourseLeaf Curriculum Management Software

The Courseleaf Catalog Management System (CAT) will be used to manage the university’s official Columbia and Palmetto College Campuses’ online Academic Bulletins, which includes the official program and course inventory and institutional policies and procedures. 

The Courseleaf Curriculum Management System (CIM) will provide a central database for proposing new courses or programs or modifying existing courses or programs.  The system features an automated workflow with notifications and tracking, will be integrated with Banner, and will synchronize with the Academic Bulletin. 


Key Features

  • Creates a common, sustainable, and integrated data source that allows for clear and accurate communication among stakeholders.
  • Simplifies and streamlines manual, repetitive, and unnecessary steps for bulletin and curriculum approval work flows.   
  • Able to easily archive past curricular, non-curricular, and policy changes.
  • A new responsive, mobile-friendly, accessible web design
  • A more seamless integration with Banner to reduce the number of inconsistencies between the Bulletins and the student information system
  • The ability to download printable PDF files of every program


Project Phases

The project implementation will unfold in phases:

  • Phase 1: CAT
    • Completed: the Academic Bulletins can be viewed here
  • Phase 2: CIM
    • Implementation Goal: January 2022

All dates are estimated targets and may change due to unforeseen circumstances.



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