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Office of the Provost

Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE)

What is COACHE?

COACHE at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a research-practice partnership and network of peer institutions dedicated to improving outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention. Under COACHE, more than 300 colleges, universities, and state systems have strengthened their capacity to identify the drivers of faculty success and implement informed changes. Through over a decade of collaboration with senior faculty administrators, COACHE has a unique understanding of faculty needs and the intricacies of life in higher education. 

The other reason that COACHE makes sense is that it gives us the opportunity to benchmark ourselves with other institutions. No other research study offers comparative data on this issue. The peer data can help us understand where our strengths in faculty retention lie and where we have more work to do. For a full list of the universities that have partnered with COACHE since its founding in 2005, visit the COACHE website.



We believe that the university has the potential to be one of the best places for scholars to work, and with your help we can learn how best to support that goal. However, data from the COACHE study will be meaningful only if we have broad participation.

In a process approved by Harvard’s and USC’s institutional review boards, COACHE will provide our campus with their summary analysis, as well as the confidential unit-record database, stripped of names and e-mail addresses. To protect confidentiality and guarantee that the results of this survey cannot influence personnel decisions about individual faculty members, Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics staff will disseminate survey results only with data aggregated in cells of five respondents or more, so that individual faculty and individual departments cannot be identified.

The survey is a first step in a three-year process designed to transform data into actionable policies and practices. The survey is web-based and designed to be completed by most faculty within 25 minutes. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Cheryl L. Addy, Ph.D., at or (803) 777-4016 or visit COACHE website, where you can find answers to our most common questions about the survey and the impact that COACHE has had on institutions like yours.


Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey 

New:  Spring 2019 Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey Results Available


Retention and Exit Survey

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