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Freshman seminar: A broad spectrum of effectiveness

Author(s): Davis, B. O., Jr.

Citation: Davis, B. O., Jr. (1992). Freshman seminar: A broad spectrum of effectiveness. Journal of The Freshman Year Experience, 4(1), 79-94.



The author reports the outcomes of a longitudinal retention study, conducted at Kennesaw State College, which assessed the academic performance of students who have taken first-year seminars and compared it to the performance of students not enrolled in first-year seminars. The study revealed that regularly admitted students who had completed a first-year seminar were retained at a higher rate than their seminar classmates with lower SAT scores. Developmental studies students (those on the lower end of the academic spectrum) with first-year seminar participation showed a modest improvement in both retention and grade point average when contrasted with a comparable group of non-seminar participants


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