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Leadership and Service Center

  • Students participate in a leadership exercise.

Close Family Emerging Leaders Program

The Close Family Emerging Leaders Program (CFELP) is a comprehensive leadership education initiative designed to help students explore, define, and practice leadership.

When I signed up to participate in the Close Family Emerging Leaders Program I expected to add some more lines to my resume, I didn't expect to change my whole view on leadership.

— Annalise Bowen

CFELP is an introductory program that explores various aspects of leadership and helps students understand what it means to be a leader within their community. Participants will learn more about themselves, enhance their skills, and form a foundation to create positive change.

CFELP consist of two phases:

Phase I:  includes a one semester, seven-week workshop series where students discover their authentic selves, along with their strengths, and how they can lead with others.

Phase II: consist of three workshops dedicated to understanding how to create positive change through leadership and followership.

Who Should Participate? 

All students are welcome to participate. The CFELP content is most beneficial to first-year, sophomore, or transfer students who wish to enhance their leadership skills.

What Can Participants Expect to Learn?  

CFELP is intended to help you expand your ability to exercise leadership, develop skills that assist in leading others, and enhance awareness and commitment towards active citizenship and social responsibility.

When does it meet? 

Students will complete CFELP through a cohort style model, meeting for 1.5 hours/week for eight weeks. 

How do I apply?  

Due to the engaging nature of CFELP and to ensure safety protocols surrounding COVID-19, CFELP will be paused until Fall 2022.

Close Family Namesake

The Close family has been the namesake of the CFELP program for more than 40 years. One of the Close family’s core values is service to the community and creating opportunities for South Carolinians. For more information on the Close family, click here.

Additional Questions 

If you have additional questions about participating in CFELP, please contact Joshua Cauble.

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